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Believe in Santa Claus

The week before Christmas is the perfect time to address the question of Santa Claus. We adults have our opinion and children have theirs. My favorite conservative blogger Matt Walsh posted about Jolly St. Nick to his audience recently here, asking parents how they explain Christmas to their children and sharing his beliefs. Honestly, I have been thinking about this question for nearly a month now and I have come to a real conclusion. Let them believe. 

When I say let them believe I say it loosely. I do not blatantly fill my children's heads full of Santa propaganda. I have society to thank for that. My "To believe or Not to believe" revelation came as the boys and I were watching the Polar Express. The movie is pure magic for all ages and it is by far my favorite Christmas movie to date. What may I ask is wrong with believing in a little Christmas magic? Santa Claus represents love, joy,  and peace. The spirit of Christmas celebrates that giving is far better than recei…

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