Arles Color Discoveries

Since my last post I have been working out the mysteries of Chalk Paint and Mr. Arles. Here is what I have found: I left the paint open over night and found the color to be much improved. It was alittle too thick to work with so I just thinned it out with some water.

I used the Arles in two different ways (I will be posting photos for examples). The first was directly over the wood and it has a neat neutral affect almost like a taupe, which I find really neat (the paint is in the drying phase). The table was stripped and sanded before the painting process began. Pictured is just the first coat of Arles.

The Second is a coffee table that was stained I started with a base coat of Old White and put a second coat of Arles. When used this way the gold/orange tones really come through. It makes this piece a bit cheerier.

CHALK PAINT POSITIVE OF THE DAY: The paint dries fast which is helpful if you have a toddler trying to run his hands through your hard work!


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