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 I have been a member of the Etsy community for awhile now. I have even sold my own handmade, all-natural baby products too. If you are interested in my baby balm please let me know (Lavender Coconut is pictured below). I am still manufacturing. I have just put things on hold with my two little ones running the show:)

The point I was trying to make is that you will never find more high quality products at a more cost-effective price than on Etsy. This is where the large fish come for innovation...Etsy owners beware***

I wanted to highlight one my favorite Etsy soap shops for a moment. I am a bit of a soap snob. Dove will not be touching my skin. First and foremost is The Man Cave! Their official title is Man Cave Soapworks. They are out of my hometown area in Washington, PA. They know soap. These products are tailored to men and I buy them for my husband, but I steal them.

They have the most pleasant scents and leave your skin feeling clean & moisturized.  Orange County is my current favorite with a bright orange-citrus scent. Most handmade soaps will melt into nothing at the very touch of water....these will not! At $5.50 a bar you will not get a better soap I promise!

I want the Man Cave to be my first giveaway for Father's Day. The new scent Mintcentric is on my mind.

Thanks to for the lovely Etsy photo!

I have visited quite a few jam packed blogs full of junk and hard to navigate areas thinking....good grief where is the content? I want to recognize Little Mud Pies for there aesthetically pleasing blog, truly easy to navigate, and Lindsey after reading a few passages you will feel like she is one of your best pals! This blog is a real winner and a pleasure to view and read :) Kuddos Little Mud Pies here is to you!

Oh and I am on Little Mudpies for the month of June...Woo Hoo! I am hoping for some more friends:) Thanks for the ad space love!

 Whoreders is having an amazing beauty giveaway ending tomorrow 5/31 at midnight. Winner will be announced June 1st on their facebook page and Blog. One entry though. Easy peasy to enter and your odds very very good! If you win just remember your old friend Heather:)

I have some blog love I would like to share with everyone. Simple Real Moms {Reviewing} Fabulous Products has been my one stop shop for giveaways. Not only do they have some fabulous mom/kiddo giveaways, but they are SIMPLE. Hence their name I suppose.What I mean is the giveaways are so easy to fill out and they are applicable to the entry you are filling out. If you have filled out many raffle copter forms in the past then you know what I mean. One hundred Facebook likes, then sign up for twenty e-mail subscriptions, fifty twitter follows, etc......

Lots of kiddo shoe giveaways currently including Umi Shoes and Keen!

 An enjoy life daily reminder...we all need one:

This week I had oral surgery "again" and I needed cleaned out after a failed procedure. Yeah it is as bad as it sounds. My husband also brought home a nasty little cold bug too. I sit here with my face swollen and a stuffy nose and five minutes ago had a wake-up call. A boy that I knew was in a tragic life-ending motorcycle accident this past week. If you have children (especially boys) your heart aches for that family. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of all the things that are really important when we are "having a moment" as I like to call it. My husband and my boys are the most important things in my life.

*My husband is adorable.....I love this photo:)

Target Summer Bag is still available. I will keep this short. Site is slow so be patient. I just got mine, but it really took a stone again to input my information. Target Style on Facebook go my friends. Like Target and get started!


Target Style is supposed to be releasing details today on their facebook page ! Keep an eagle eye out and maybe you could score a summer beauty bag from Target!!!! *squeal*

Thanks to Pandora's Deals for the update!

The mouse does not need any more advertisement help, but this event has been the talk of the Couponing World for a few weeks now. Well the wait is officially over! The Disney Cruise giveaway is underway through June 18th. I just signed up at A Little bit of Everything ! The odds are against us, but you have no odds at all if you do not try.

So, give your Disney-magical luck a whirl!

I was going to post this deal yesterday, but I thought it was over 9 pm yesterday. Come to find that Boncy is giving away 300 beauty bags a day at 9 pm every evening through 5/23. This includes free shipping, but you have to be quick!! Maybe you will be one of the lucky few to grab one of these beaut's.

 Make sure you "Like" Boncy ahead of time and go to their facebook page at 9 pm sharp!

Thanks to for the updated info!

 I received this nice little clarification note from the beauty sage team.....the whole thing is a tad misleading. This is in regards to the so-called "Free" beauty box we were to receive once they launch. Only after proof of purchase would this offer be valid.

In the past day or so, you signed up at BeautySage for a sample box offer. As we care deeply about our customers, we wanted take a moment to clarify the offer.

You are currently signed up to receive a coupon code via email after we launch, which can be redeemed for a free sample box (a $10 value) with your first purchase of $30 or more. As BeautySage currently ships solely in the United States, only U.S. mailing addresses will be eligible.

To be clear moving forward, we have updated our landing page and email confirmation to provide absolute clarity on this offer.

Of course, there is no obligation to participate in this offer, and you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe link below or on any future email. With that said, if you would like us to remove you from this offer and our mailing list, please respond to this email and we will do so immediately. If you have any other concerns, we welcome your feedback.
We sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Thank you,
The BeautySage team

For more information check out

Coupon Free Stuff has three giveaways going on right now. Personally I cannot believe I am sharing this information, but I figured since I have no followers anyway what the hockey sticks. All have fairly low entries (under 200). Two I believe are ending today! Click on the giveaway section and you are there. Giddy up and get those prizes!

All the besties folks!

Thanks to for the beautiful photo!

You have a chance to win everyday, hence the 30 days giveaway in the title:) Go to to like them and enter. Enter today and everyday until 6/5/2012.

Today's bag is the Pewter cutie;-) Oh how I love handbags...the bigger the better! Hurry enter now...go my fashionistas.

Yesterday I got an amazing bamboo ring for free. Free free. Free shipping and everything. This ring is over $20 in retail value. All you have to do is sign up and it is so simple. This deal is only for new customers so if you have signed up in the past...sorry:( Head over to Sneek now!

Thanks to Just Married with Coupons for the update!

Remember the Dr. Oz giveaways? Well evidently Dr. Oz has his hands in this new business launch and we are the beneficiaries. By the way where is my memory foam pillow Dr.?

Run on over to  and claim yours now!
I am literally drooling over this set and who knows when we will receive this, but this is easy as pie to sign up. They will e-mail the lot of us with further details once they are up and running! Stay tuned......
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