Etsy the place to get real deals!

 I have been a member of the Etsy community for awhile now. I have even sold my own handmade, all-natural baby products too. If you are interested in my baby balm please let me know (Lavender Coconut is pictured below). I am still manufacturing. I have just put things on hold with my two little ones running the show:)

The point I was trying to make is that you will never find more high quality products at a more cost-effective price than on Etsy. This is where the large fish come for innovation...Etsy owners beware***

I wanted to highlight one my favorite Etsy soap shops for a moment. I am a bit of a soap snob. Dove will not be touching my skin. First and foremost is The Man Cave! Their official title is Man Cave Soapworks. They are out of my hometown area in Washington, PA. They know soap. These products are tailored to men and I buy them for my husband, but I steal them.

They have the most pleasant scents and leave your skin feeling clean & moisturized.  Orange County is my current favorite with a bright orange-citrus scent. Most handmade soaps will melt into nothing at the very touch of water....these will not! At $5.50 a bar you will not get a better soap I promise!

I want the Man Cave to be my first giveaway for Father's Day. The new scent Mintcentric is on my mind.

Thanks to for the lovely Etsy photo!


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