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First I will give the title some clarification. I speak of Mortal Kombat the movie (not the video game) and A Bug's Life 3D at the Animal Kingdom.
                    You can find this Mortal Kombat 3D Magnet at Charlesvalek on Etsy!
Now the kids and I were stuck in the hotel room for the majority of the past week. Tropical Storm Debby made sure of that. My eldest son starting flicking the channels during our afternoon cartoon watching. He stopped on one of my very favorite movies Mortal Kombat! Both of my boys were intently watching and I thought the fighters are on a ship with lots of dialogue. No problem let's watch some! Then the fighters get to the Mortal Kombat competition again more dialogue (no swearing) okay this is great. Happy, of course, to be watching something other than Mickey Mouse Club House! Then some small fights, but no biggie. Then someone rips his face off and spits a fireball out of his mouth. Okay.....back to Mickey Mouse. Mind you neither of my boys were scared or tried to punch each other in the face during these 20 minutes!

             You can find this wooden Grasshopper pull toy at McCoy Toys on Etsy!
On Friday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. First stop A Bug's Life 3D. excited! We get into the theater and they make a standard announcement: Loud noises, etc, may scare children.... blah blah! I thought this is Disney how scary can this be? Well let me tell  you I was scared! I would have taken the children out, but they turned out all the lights! Then they tell my children the scary grasshopper is going to eat them. Wow, my 14 month old was clinging to me for dear life. I felt horrible!

I am under no illusion that all things Disney are kid friendly (take Bambi for example), but I think they should express to the parents that the 3D action is going to be a little scarier than loud noises! There is no real point to this post other than to laugh at some of my bad parenting choices. Thank goodness kids are truly resilient! We are all human after all and as parents we get down right delirious with exhaustion. That is my excuse for my bad choices anyway:)
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Let me just tell you how good it feels to be sipping my coffee while the kids are still snoozing!!! Ah, a few minutes of sweet freedom. This morning is a good time to share with all of you the happenings of present and future giveaways at Spunky Real Deals! Let's start with the present!

Man Cave Giveaway

This giveaway is counting down quickly at 1 day(s) and 17 hrs!!!! You do not want to miss the opportunity to win this amazing Man soap:-) One Lucky winner will win a Shave Soap and a Body Soap (winner's choice)!!!!

Bella Lume Spa Giveaway

Peak up at the very tippy top of my page. You cannot miss it people! A very generous Bella has put together a beach collection of bath goodies for one lucky winner....enter now!

Now to the Future:

 The Tattoo Tyke {Review and Giveaway}

I cannot even begin to describe the excitement in reviewing this Etsy Powerhouse! Kim makes the cutest tattoo-sleeved shirts for babies and toddlers. Boys and Girls styles are available. They are super adorable and I cannot wait to see these shirts!!  

Plum Posh Boutique {Review and Giveaway}

Tara the owner of Plum Posh has very generously offered to make this a multiple winner giveaway! Five to be exact will be walking away with an assorted pack of gorgeous hair ties hand picked by Tara herself! These are simply beautiful and they can duel as bracelets too! Are you as excited as I am!!!

Trinkets and Treasures {Review and Giveaway}

I have some genuine designs by Louisiana's own Ms. Ellen coming my way. Fleur de lis wine glasses to be exact! Her shop specializes in personalized items with a real southern-comfort feel. Sipping wine in the summer with this sophisticated wine glass in your hand....can you say perfect?

Did you know? "According to French historian Georges Duby, the three leaves represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed". *Thanks to Wikipedia for this wonderful factoid!

                    Check out these Tattoo Sleeve Shirts at The Tattoo Tyke on Etsy!!!!

This a stark revelation for me, but I just realized my son Edwin has started the terrible twos! He is 2 and 1/2 at this point. I believe this increased bad behavior may be due to the excitement of our travels, but it is driving me stark-raving mad! Edwin thought it was quite amusing to dump coffee all over the hotel couch this AM.

That coffee was my coffee. Nothing is quite as upsetting as not finishing a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!! Yesterday he opened the microwave and nuked his Smuckers Pb & J sandwiches (with the wrappers on). His younger brother Lucas is 14 months and was also practicing his terrible twos a bit early!

Lucas ripped off the air conditioner cover to the control panel....faster than lightning! Lucas is typically the more destructive of the two, but this week they are having a mischievous contest. They are really duking it out! My husband is also working late tonight too. Nothing kills the moral faster than knowing no help is coming. Good grief it is only 9am! A long days a coming.

                                      {My Naughty little Angels and my gorgeous husband and I}

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I say Legend because in the giveaway world they are very desirable leading to high entry giveaways! I have never personally seen a Diamond Candle first hand. You hear stories that someone won and me personally I have entered dozens of Diamond Candle giveaways. I have never won, but no bitterness here. They are as real to me as the stories of the Loch Ness Monster! I  plan on conceding to the Diamond Candle and just buying one, but before I do I am going to participate in one last Diamond Candle Giveaway! {Blogger Op}

One last shot Diamond Candles....Let's do this!

Diamond Candles ~ Win a Diamond Candle with a ring in it, valued between $10 and $5,000!
Bloggers Bargain Hound and My Frugal Wife are hosting a Diamond Candle giveaway! This will run from 6/29 through 7/13. There will now be at least TWO Diamond Candles to be won! (My Frugal Wife has generously donated one for the giveaway!) (Yes, participating bloggers can enter to win too!) All participating bloggers will get a FREE Facebook link on the Rafflecopter in exchange for promoting this giveaway on their blogs and social media sites. If you would like an additional Twitter link on the Rafflecopter, you can get one for just $2! For every 15 Twitter links paid for, another Diamond Candle will be given away! Depending on how many bloggers we get involved, we could be giving away a lot of Diamond Candles! Please help spread the word! Please click here to sign up for this event!

Tell Them Spunky Real Deals sent you!
Visit AnchoredGraceArt for Original Art, Photography, and Vintage Items

You know I am kind of wondering if I need a Karma cleansing. I could start re-hashing prior events, but let's move on shall we? My family is currently in Orlando, FL. Evidently, Tropical Storm Debby is visiting too!   The family and I were planning a visit to the Animal Kingdom today. Wisely,  we altered our plans. I think we all still wanted a taste of Disney so we decided on Downtown Disney instead.

 Downtown Disney has a fairly large Lego store that draws children and adults alike. The place was a real mob scene and hazardous too! Hazardous due to the rain-slicked floors and stung-out parents. A mob scene probably due to desperate parents needing a way to distract their young children in the hotel room. We are among that desperate group!The radar for the Sunshine State is a gigantic green blob for the first half of the week. The mouse will have to wait a few days....thank you Legos!
 Check out Star Shaped Press on Etsy for old-fashioned letterpress prints!

My husband and I are avid BBQ connoisseurs! We found the Georgia Pig about 5 years back and have been going there ever since. The location was a convenient right off of I95 location on the way to Florida. We also are frequenters of Jekyll Island, which GA Pig was right down the road from. Quite frankly the GA Pig was the only decent eatery around. Jekyll Island has your standard fare. Pizza, Americana, and seafood. All Average choices. My husband and I are food snobs! You go to Jekyll Island for the gorgeous scenery and The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, which is awesome!

Jekyll Island is really an afterthought on this post. My family and I were driving down to Florida yesterday. We always make a pit stop at the Ga Pig before our final push into Florida. To my shock and horror there was yellow tape around the GA Pig. It was closed. We read on the that the GA Pig lost their lease and it will be a Gas Station soon. This family was in business for four decades and is truly a tragedy for all BBQ lovers everywhere!

I am sure no one other than myself has noticed the heat wave we are experiencing in VA, right?:) Right. 

Today was supposed to be smooth sailing. Drop husband off. Check. Get Gas. Pressing the button to release gas cap....nothing happening....again....nothing. Gas almost on E. 

Okay so a brief detour to the service center. 2 and 1/2 hours later (with two small children). They manage to jerry rig my gas cap door so it barely opens, but it opens! drop off the dog at the kennel.

This is my first time gong to this particular kennel  and it is in the boon dogs. If it were not for GPS I probably would still be looking for this kennel. Oh and I got gas successfully this time. Check.  Next pick up contacts. Check. Then off to the grocery store to get essentials for our trip to Disney. Yep and still not packed and we are leaving tomorrow!

I am opening a bottle of wine for myself this evening! I just remembered I cannot drink because the safety of my family depends on me being sober....aghhhh okay then. All of this happening in 100 degree sweltering heat. I am thankful this day is almost at an end. After of course, I pick up my husband. We only have one car this week because my poor husband totaled his this week. Can I see Mickey yet? Did you follow all that? Good :)

The beautiful felt child's play set depicted is from Kklaus on Etsy!!!

This is the "classic" soap when you think of a soap for a man! A perfect combination of bay and citrus. My husband thinks he is a pirate so this is really the perfect scent for him:-)My husband and I have tried every soap on the menu at the Man Cave. Okay I have not tried the Mintcentric, but that is about to change this week. I ordered three bars of the Mintcentric and I cannot wait.....uhhh I mean my husband cannot wait!  Bay Rum remains his steady favorite. a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was cruising around the web and came across the BarkBox! I just had to share this, because this is a genius idea!!! People are absolutely bananas about their animals and with the success of BirchBox...well why not? The BarkBox is a bit more pricey than the BirchBox at $17/month, but it appears you actually get quite a bit!! Some of the proceeds will go to animal charities, which really appeals to a do-gooder like myself!!

Thanks to for the BarkBox photo!!!
I do not usually blog about other giveaways but what can I say I am a sucker for other Etsy artists. They are damn talented and I am not just saying that because I am on there either!:-) The R House Couture has an amazing array of personalized stamped silver jewelry. I particularly like the hand-stamped quotes and bright color baubles added simply enhance the piece!

One lucky winner will receive  Any Piece of Your Choosing {RV Up To $48}! Click here to enter. Ends 6/19**

That's right you heard me! Lips that would make even the smoothest baby bottom jealous! heh heh okay in all seriousness....I am reviewing some amazing bath products from Bella Lume Spa this week!! The reason I contacted Miss Bella was her lip scrub!!! The Tropical Coconut lip scrub has little cranberry seeds for extra exfoliation(which I heart)!

Listen to these amazing lip softening ingredients: sugar, beeswax, lanoline, peppermint oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and cranberry seeds!!!

The Bella Lume giveaway will include a large container of Tropical Coconut lip scrub that should last you the rest of 2012!

Beware: You may become addicted to scrubbing your lips! :-)

Random Deals keyed me in to an amazing Free Blogger event! A chance to get some much needed publicity all by sharing this fabulous event with others on your blog! You get one free link (your Facebook page)! Check out i heart giveaways for all the detail and to sign up yourself!!!

Monday is very dreary in ye olde Virgina, but on the bright side the Bella Lume Spa giveaway just started today! They sent me all sorts of delicious bath goodies to go through! One of the items looked like golden sugar cubes and smelled tropical delightful! I held one up to look at it and you can see all these tiny exfoliating seeds packed into this small sugar cube.

These small wonders are Bella Lume's exfoliating Banana Sugar Cubes ! I  instantly thought to myself these are going to melt into oblivion! Nope, I was so wrong. Half a sugar cube scrubbed my entire body from head to toe! I thought how can this be so? It was so and to top it all off the banana coconut scent is sweet genius. This is the most exfoliating power-packed little wonder I have ever used. You will get your money worth with the Banana Coconut Sugar Cubes! a Rafflecopter giveaway
I am very ritualistic about my baths! Maybe you are too. If you have children you almost certainly take your baths seriously:-) During the summer nothing is more amazing than an exfoliating body scrub! If you are lucky enough to live at the beach than you can just step outside and roll around in the sand, but for the rest of us Bella Lume Spa has a fine line of luxurious body scrubs!

Tomorrow 6/18 the Beach Luxury giveaway will start featuring Bella Lume Spa. The prize pack will include a  Blossoms body scrub with herbal notes of rose and lavender in combination with floral notes of lily, jasmine, orchid. The first thing I noticed was a light floral scent. The second thing I noticed was the texture was very light, like fine sand. Now texture is very important to me and it was amazing!

Blossoms body scrub is very moisturizing too! It is typical for me to reach for the lotion after exiting the tub. I noticed that my legs were so smooth I did not even need it! This is your exfoliate and moisturizer all in one. When packing your travel bags this summer do not forget Blossoms Body Scrub !!


Hallmark was never my thing and usually words come easily for me. I find myself speechless when trying to describe how wonderful you really are. Nothing brings me more joy then watching you with our children. Edwin = Clayton. From day one Edwin was a calm fellow and wants to be just like his father. Whether it is putting hot sauce on his food or trying to shave like daddy too! Lucas....well I guess we are not sure who exactly he gets his craziness from? You can point fingers at me all you want, but just remember you are not exactly a saint:-) Luke is looking like you more and more each day.

The boys and I could not be more fortunate to have you in our lives. We all are better for it! You used to tell me that being a Sgt. is a lot like being a mother:-) You are truly a dad as you wrestle with the children and give them piggy back rides. There is also such a sweetness to you that cannot be described and you are that way with your children....and me.

We adore you more than words can say and hope you have the most wonderful Father's Day!

Love, kisses, hugs, and all our hearts,

Heather, Edwin, and little Lucas
                                              Bella Lume Spa Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Yesterday (if you did not see my last post) my husband was in a serious car accident. He escaped with just a broken wrist, but needless to say it was a long day! I did get a package yesterday that coincided with my long day from Bella Lume Spa!

I immediately opened the package knowing I would desperately need a bath. No, I needed a bath. I smelled like something that passed through the system of a sickly old woman (as quoted from the movie Almost Heroes). The first item I grabbed was a body spray called Beach Bum. I was intrigued at the name and the beautiful golden color. A bath had to wait until the kids went to sleep and my errands were complete (had to run to CVS for muscle relaxers and seltzer for my poor sweet husband).

So I spritzed a little Beach Bum on my wrists and ran out the door to complete my errands. On first spritz I noted the scent is strong, but so amazingly pleasant. You only need a tiny amount(which I love) and it feels silky on your skin. I was driving down the road and I could not help sniffing my wrists at stop lights! The scent is intoxicating and it stays with you. Beach Bum reminds me of going out on a Summer's night. A musky warmth mixed with a floral feminine scent. Beach Bum is a must-have accessory for your beach trips this summer. Love Beach Bum!

My husband walked away from this horrendous accident with just a broken wrist! I am still processing the incident and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he could have died today. I have never been so grateful to see my husband with just a broken arm then I was today. Oh...and a big thanks to Honda for building such well-made vehicles.

Crazy huh? I always want one more kiss as my husband walks out the door. I am not morbid, but as an ER nurse you see people die regularly and you know death is real. Give your spouse one more kiss before you leave....I think that is okay:)

On a serious note thanks be to the big G upstairs and his blessed angels for looking over my husband today.
Clever name right?  

Shirt and Tie Not Required is described as  "masculine, earthy notes of citrus, hay, musk, green, fresh air, oakmoss, and patchouli." 

The ingredients are heavenly! I want to reiterate that I use this man soap. Most handmade soaps will melt away just being held in the water. This is some sturdy man soap! The soaps are made with moisturizing Shea butter, Organic oils, and the shave soaps have Bentonite clay in them!

No tie needed indeed! This is a soap that even the manliest man can get behind. No fruitiness here. Welcome to the Man Cave friends!

The Man Cave will send you a 15% off your purchase coupon when you "Like" Man Cave Soapworks on Facebook. This offer is good until June 30th! Try your luck at winning some soap right here on Spunky Real Deals from the Man Cave by entering the raffelcopter above!!! GOOD LUCK!

This idea I saw floating out there on Pinterest and I thought.....Oh this is ladies night and I feel all right oh this is ladies night oh what a night! *The song* heh heh you probably think I am writing this post intoxicated! But really I was thinking vodka might be too...alcohol-y! What about Rum? Or better yet coconut rum? Any comments or concerns on this one.

I would love to hear any anyone tried this concoction?

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Ah summer.....birds, bees, bugs, and the beach! Orange County is probably the scent I have purchased the most out of all the Man Cave scents! So has a brightness that simply cannot be explained! Orange County is so uplifting and really for me is the Man Cave soap scent of the summer!

The Father's Day sale at Man Cave Soapworks is still happening until June 30th in honor of Father's Day! Go to The Man Cave's Facebook page click "Like" and you will get a coupon to use at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase....YEAH!

Oh Sweet Sassafras I am in Love!  Few things are near and dear to my hear as nail polish and sandals. Essie Nail Polish and TKEEs designer sandals have teamed up to bring you a summer fabulous contest. Go to Essie Nail Polish's Facebook page and "like" them to enter the grand prize and play instant win games too! You should go back daily, because they are allowing you to do this everyday through 7/11!

Thanks to My Free Product Samples for the heads up on this righteous contest!!

                              Check out this adorable cake topper at Babys Bowtique on Etsy!

I have been a customer of Man Cave Soapworks for a long time. I wanted to highlight another scent that is near and dear to my heart. One of my dear girlfriends got married maybe over a year ago now! I purchased the Vetyver soap to be used in the bathrooms. 

After the ceremony my friend came up to me and asked if I made it! I laughed and said no The Man Cave on Etsy made it. She said this soap is amazing my little cousin has washed his hands like fifty times with it!!! It was true this little boy kept going back to wash his hands every chance he could get:-)

The Vetyver soap scent is described as:

The word "FRESH" just doesn't seem robust enough to define this green, brisk blend. Anchored in the clean, engaging scent of the vetiver grasses, it mingles with notes of myrrh, pine, and cedarwood. Just a hint of lemon, rosemary, and musk finish off an invigorating scent extravaganza.

What I love about the Man Caves soaps is their scents are complex, but so well done. They are light and refreshing....never heavy! 
Do you have monkey butt? The marketing here is really genius. Monkey Butt is in the Urban Dictionary online and is a frequent man saying...I will spare you the gruesome details. I have three boys running around our house and Anti Monkey Butt has something for the whole family...even us ladies! I featured the Safari Towels(pictured above) because these look extremely helpful when traveling, especially abroad

Anti Monkey Butt has a contest starting today June 11th! 8 winners chosen at random every Thursday through August 9th. Go to the Anti Monkey Butt Facebook page to enter. What are you waiting for Monkeybutt?

My Mintcentric soap from the Man Cave arrived Saturday. I could not wait to dive into the tub and give it a whirl! My husband was like, "honey where is that soap you bought?". I bought it for Father's Day, but he was just as excited as me:-)

The Mintcentric scent is described as: "Cool, crisp, clean. A straight-up refreshing blend of peppermint essential oil, spearmint, ginger, fresh cucumber and cactus."

I agree with the description. It is minty, yet perfectly blended with the other scents. The mint is pleasant without becoming overwhelmingly minty. Light lingering perfection.

Man Cave Soapworks has coordinating cologne sticks(pictured above) to go with their soap line.  So, After you find your favorite soap make sure to snatch up your favorite man scent. If only for your old lady, of course!:-)
        You can purchase this rustic, patriotic home decor at So Purdy Creations!

July is full to the brim with amazing giveaways! The artists have been chosen by me for their dedication and passion to making quality handmade items. The first featured handmade wonder is Tara the owner of Plum Posh

Plum Posh has hand-crafted hair goodies that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to your hair!They are the fine jewels of hair accessories and they also make stunning garters too! The garters make me want to get married all over again! In July Plum Posh has generously offered to give away 5 sets of beautiful and ouch-less hair ties! 5 that is something to squeal about! More squealing to come because I have more than one giveaway treat in July!

Summer would not be complete without a line of luxurious body products! Bella Lume Spa will help your body get beach ready with their line of hand made exfoliating bath products. One look at their lip scrub in tropical coconut and....sigh, I was in love. Bella Lume Spa has a package in transit to me at this very moment. Inside I am told of glorious goodies awaiting one winner in July.

The classic shave! I am sure if I were a man I would prefer this style of shaving:-) My husband, though he would not admit, likes this old-tyme throwback as well.

This is what one Man Cave customer had this to say about the timeless shave set:

"My wife purchased a shaving brush, mug and the Bay Rum soap for Christmas. I must say it is one of the best Christmas gifts I have received. I have never before shaved with shave soap, always having used mass marketed products. It took me a day or two to learn to make a proper lather, but once I got over the learning curve, I absolutely love it."

Psst.......Father's Day is around the corner and well I think this is the perfect taking care of Papa gift!
 You can pick up this adorable stuffed firefly picture above at the Crinoline Shop on Etsy !!!!

Chaos today. I believe I may have created every bit of my anguish. It all started off with my hand-mixer! I tripped the circuit breaker while making my pound cakes. Then I had to go into the dungeon! It truly is a dungeon....dirt floor and everything. My house is nearly 200 years old and well the things crawling around down there would make anyone squeamish! Anyway, I flipped every switch quickly and ran back upstairs.

I come back up and everything is seemingly back to normal. **What I did not realize at the time was the switch going back to the refrigerator was not flipped properly. My freezer was defrosting! Just note that for later. I finish my pound cakes and start to clean the floors.

While cleaning the floors I find a bug. It looks like a roach....and I go postal! I am cleaning, searching, and calling the exterminator at the same time. I put that roachie looking bastard in a jar (with no holes)......Ha I got you now!

Now it is about dinner time. Okay I can breathe and I am all caught up. Making dinner. Open the freezer and melting....WATER! Okay emergency call to Lance my handyman! I told him about my fiasco and the circuit! I have to go back into the dungeon.....aghhhh!

My husband saved the day and as quickly as the chaos started it then vanishes. Clayton came home and looked at the bug. He say, "firefly". Fire...who? Really....ah shit! Cancel the exterminator. Okay I guess I fixed the freezer defrosting the second time I went into the dungeon. Everything seems to be back to....normal?
This is as manly as is gets folks! Man Cave Soapworks has a Tattoo Balm ! Holy biker awesomeness! If your man loves his Tats than Tattoo Balm is where it's at! :-)

"Organic Shea butter along with nourishing vitamins and oils aid in your tattoo aftercare. This balm helps to speed up the healing process and enhances colors as well." ~ Man Cave Soapworks

Strong manly work Man Cave...strong work!

Like a new baby coming into the world so did my Birchbox . So precious and I just could not wait to get my cosmetic-deprived hands on it. I already knew before this Eco-friendly box arrived that I would be hooked. When you open the box you see all these pretty goodies and it even comes with a card detailing all the items you received in your box and what they are for! Love this....LOVE this!

Thank you to the Whoreder Ladies for this amazing giveaway!

I think all us women can look at each other in agreement on this matter:-) All jokes aside though, Man Cave Soapworks has the mega-man sized soap weighing in between 8 and 9 oz! that is a bar of soap a big boy can appreciate!

Speaking of big boys my brother is a firefighter with Baltimore's finest and he loves the Man Cave! In fact, his girlfriend sent me a e-mail yesterday asking me for their store website! No joke when you have the goods.....they will come! I implore you..... $5.50 is a small investment to explore the Man Cave soap world. If you are like me you will find it is now your woman soap too!

Swim U is a year round teaching facility for children to learn how to swim. I went to investigate this small business today. Last week I talked to a fellow named Brandon who is seemingly the only fellow that works there. He is obviously overwhelmed and the vibe is I am too busy for you. They seemed too busy to even try and take my money. Now there's a problem!

The other problem I have is you are paying $89 a month plus a annual $49 per child insurance fee, which is a significant amount of money for one class a week 30 minute session. You better woo me like Fabio on the cover of some sleazy romance novel for that scenario! The instructors seemed your standard run of the mill. Competent, but not overly impressive. This is supposed to be a small business not Verizon Wireless.....please hold.....disconnect!

Anyway we will be learning to swim somewhere else! I was a competitive swimmer,  I taught little children to swim, and I was a certified lifeguard. I know what I am talking about here. Swim off....Swim U in Leesburg, Va.

Go to Swim U  for more information. Thanks for the Swim U photo!
I am pumped to be  featuring  Man Cave Soapworks  this month. It is one of my favorite shops to purchase man gifts for the men in my family! Birthdays, Christmas, and well Father's Day is around the corner too! I am already stocked up for Father's Day! I am already regretting I did not buy four bars instead of three! There is always someone else I can think of that, "I should have got a bar for them too"!

 One winner will be receiving a bar of the shave refill soap (featured below):
This shave soap can be used as body soap too! A duel purpose, which men love. The simpler the better! No need to get confused about soap!;-)

 "Extra glycerin and bentonite clay are added to benefit problem skin, aid in drawing toxins out of the body and give greater slip to the razor. It's a great soap for the entire body too!" ~Man Cave Soapworks

The Man Cave also has many shaving gift sets! They even have a nice boar bristle brush to go with this Old Fashioned Shave Set!

Yeah so today I was getting my stitches out of my mouth post-clean out (gross stuff) and my oral surgeon and I got on the subject of gender determination. He was explaining to me how the male sperm were evidently faster than the female sperm.....interesting right? It turns out you can go to a fertility doctor to increase your chances either way of having a boy or girl. If you want a boy they will take the faster sperms and if you want a girl the slower ones. Eventually, there will be pick your own child magazines in the mail instead of J. Crew! Lordy.....lordy help us!

The cute spermy picture above are stress balls you can purchase them at The Silly Sperm Shop on Etsy!
This is the "classic" soap when you think of a soap for a man! A perfect combination of bay and citrus. My husband thinks he is a pirate so this is really the perfect scent for him:-)My husband and I have tried every soap on the menu at the Man Cave. Okay I have not tried the Mintcentric, but that is about to change this week. I ordered three bars of the Mintcentric and I cannot wait.....uhhh I mean my husband cannot wait!  Bay Rum remains his steady favorite.

What is the gift that keeps on giving do you ask? Well that item is anything that requires more money after you have acquired the item. Could be a car, cell phone, magazine subscription, or subscription of any kid for that matter. Thank you so much for this new car. Now I have a new car payment.

Good Charlie Brown would say!

Thanks to for the Charlie Brown photo:)
Thanks to for the Lexus photo:)

 Man Cave Soapworks has generously teamed up with me to bring you a fabulous Father's Day soap giveaway!!! One winner will receive one body soap and one shave soap refill of winners choice! Enter the contest in the rafflecopter above for your chance to take home the prize.

If you are antsy and cannot wait till the end of the month Man Cave Soapworks is having a great Father's Day promotion 15% off entire order until June 30th. You must go "Like" Man Cave Soapworks on Facebook to get the coupon code to use at checkout. It is a sweet Daddy's Day deal!

The lame deal of the day goes to Parma! Vegan Parmesan substitute.  The no dairy substitute part has my mouth watering already....sorry I think I threw up in my mouth a little! Nothing against vegans. I am a hipster at heart, but real cheese is staying in my life.

Thanks to Freetail Therapy for this lame freebie alert:-)
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