A heartfelt Father's Day message to my dear husband


Hallmark was never my thing and usually words come easily for me. I find myself speechless when trying to describe how wonderful you really are. Nothing brings me more joy then watching you with our children. Edwin = Clayton. From day one Edwin was a calm fellow and wants to be just like his father. Whether it is putting hot sauce on his food or trying to shave like daddy too! Lucas....well I guess we are not sure who exactly he gets his craziness from? You can point fingers at me all you want, but just remember you are not exactly a saint:-) Luke is looking like you more and more each day.

The boys and I could not be more fortunate to have you in our lives. We all are better for it! You used to tell me that being a Sgt. is a lot like being a mother:-) You are truly a dad as you wrestle with the children and give them piggy back rides. There is also such a sweetness to you that cannot be described and you are that way with your children....and me.

We adore you more than words can say and hope you have the most wonderful Father's Day!

Love, kisses, hugs, and all our hearts,

Heather, Edwin, and little Lucas


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