Bath Therapy with Bella Lume Spa Body Scrub {Review}

I am very ritualistic about my baths! Maybe you are too. If you have children you almost certainly take your baths seriously:-) During the summer nothing is more amazing than an exfoliating body scrub! If you are lucky enough to live at the beach than you can just step outside and roll around in the sand, but for the rest of us Bella Lume Spa has a fine line of luxurious body scrubs!

Tomorrow 6/18 the Beach Luxury giveaway will start featuring Bella Lume Spa. The prize pack will include a  Blossoms body scrub with herbal notes of rose and lavender in combination with floral notes of lily, jasmine, orchid. The first thing I noticed was a light floral scent. The second thing I noticed was the texture was very light, like fine sand. Now texture is very important to me and it was amazing!

Blossoms body scrub is very moisturizing too! It is typical for me to reach for the lotion after exiting the tub. I noticed that my legs were so smooth I did not even need it! This is your exfoliate and moisturizer all in one. When packing your travel bags this summer do not forget Blossoms Body Scrub !!


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