Bella Lume: Beach Bum Body Spray...Sniff my arm! {Review}

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Yesterday (if you did not see my last post) my husband was in a serious car accident. He escaped with just a broken wrist, but needless to say it was a long day! I did get a package yesterday that coincided with my long day from Bella Lume Spa!

I immediately opened the package knowing I would desperately need a bath. No, I needed a bath. I smelled like something that passed through the system of a sickly old woman (as quoted from the movie Almost Heroes). The first item I grabbed was a body spray called Beach Bum. I was intrigued at the name and the beautiful golden color. A bath had to wait until the kids went to sleep and my errands were complete (had to run to CVS for muscle relaxers and seltzer for my poor sweet husband).

So I spritzed a little Beach Bum on my wrists and ran out the door to complete my errands. On first spritz I noted the scent is strong, but so amazingly pleasant. You only need a tiny amount(which I love) and it feels silky on your skin. I was driving down the road and I could not help sniffing my wrists at stop lights! The scent is intoxicating and it stays with you. Beach Bum reminds me of going out on a Summer's night. A musky warmth mixed with a floral feminine scent. Beach Bum is a must-have accessory for your beach trips this summer. Love Beach Bum!


  1. I love the name of this product alone! This will be something I check out for sure!


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