Firefly in Disguise!

 You can pick up this adorable stuffed firefly picture above at the Crinoline Shop on Etsy !!!!

Chaos today. I believe I may have created every bit of my anguish. It all started off with my hand-mixer! I tripped the circuit breaker while making my pound cakes. Then I had to go into the dungeon! It truly is a dungeon....dirt floor and everything. My house is nearly 200 years old and well the things crawling around down there would make anyone squeamish! Anyway, I flipped every switch quickly and ran back upstairs.

I come back up and everything is seemingly back to normal. **What I did not realize at the time was the switch going back to the refrigerator was not flipped properly. My freezer was defrosting! Just note that for later. I finish my pound cakes and start to clean the floors.

While cleaning the floors I find a bug. It looks like a roach....and I go postal! I am cleaning, searching, and calling the exterminator at the same time. I put that roachie looking bastard in a jar (with no holes)......Ha I got you now!

Now it is about dinner time. Okay I can breathe and I am all caught up. Making dinner. Open the freezer and melting....WATER! Okay emergency call to Lance my handyman! I told him about my fiasco and the circuit! I have to go back into the dungeon.....aghhhh!

My husband saved the day and as quickly as the chaos started it then vanishes. Clayton came home and looked at the bug. He say, "firefly". Fire...who? Really....ah shit! Cancel the exterminator. Okay I guess I fixed the freezer defrosting the second time I went into the dungeon. Everything seems to be back to....normal?


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