Going Mintcentric!

My Mintcentric soap from the Man Cave arrived Saturday. I could not wait to dive into the tub and give it a whirl! My husband was like, "honey where is that soap you bought?". I bought it for Father's Day, but he was just as excited as me:-)

The Mintcentric scent is described as: "Cool, crisp, clean. A straight-up refreshing blend of peppermint essential oil, spearmint, ginger, fresh cucumber and cactus."

I agree with the description. It is minty, yet perfectly blended with the other scents. The mint is pleasant without becoming overwhelmingly minty. Light lingering perfection.

Man Cave Soapworks has coordinating cologne sticks(pictured above) to go with their soap line.  So, After you find your favorite soap make sure to snatch up your favorite man scent. If only for your old lady, of course!:-)


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