Have Kids? Empty your Wallet!

Swim U is a year round teaching facility for children to learn how to swim. I went to investigate this small business today. Last week I talked to a fellow named Brandon who is seemingly the only fellow that works there. He is obviously overwhelmed and the vibe is I am too busy for you. They seemed too busy to even try and take my money. Now there's a problem!

The other problem I have is you are paying $89 a month plus a annual $49 per child insurance fee, which is a significant amount of money for one class a week 30 minute session. You better woo me like Fabio on the cover of some sleazy romance novel for that scenario! The instructors seemed your standard run of the mill. Competent, but not overly impressive. This is supposed to be a small business not Verizon Wireless.....please hold.....disconnect!

Anyway we will be learning to swim somewhere else! I was a competitive swimmer,  I taught little children to swim, and I was a certified lifeguard. I know what I am talking about here. Swim off....Swim U in Leesburg, Va.

Go to Swim U  for more information. Thanks for the Swim U photo!


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