Hotter than Hades

I am sure no one other than myself has noticed the heat wave we are experiencing in VA, right?:) Right. 

Today was supposed to be smooth sailing. Drop husband off. Check. Get Gas. Pressing the button to release gas cap....nothing happening....again....nothing. Gas almost on E. 

Okay so a brief detour to the service center. 2 and 1/2 hours later (with two small children). They manage to jerry rig my gas cap door so it barely opens, but it opens! drop off the dog at the kennel.

This is my first time gong to this particular kennel  and it is in the boon dogs. If it were not for GPS I probably would still be looking for this kennel. Oh and I got gas successfully this time. Check.  Next pick up contacts. Check. Then off to the grocery store to get essentials for our trip to Disney. Yep and still not packed and we are leaving tomorrow!

I am opening a bottle of wine for myself this evening! I just remembered I cannot drink because the safety of my family depends on me being sober....aghhhh okay then. All of this happening in 100 degree sweltering heat. I am thankful this day is almost at an end. After of course, I pick up my husband. We only have one car this week because my poor husband totaled his this week. Can I see Mickey yet? Did you follow all that? Good :)

The beautiful felt child's play set depicted is from Kklaus on Etsy!!!


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