Me = Rambo + Hippy?

 The title of the post....weird right? Well for some reason I was thinking you know I am kind of a hippy. I like my garden, saving the planet, being green, organic sh*t. It probably is apparent with my Rambo reference that I am not a liberal. I like my guns and support Mitt Romney for the next President of these United States.

I had multiple random thoughts last night and was thinking about the blog (this blog). First I wondered will anyone every read this and second I thought how can I get anyone to read this. Lastly, I am the only friend following my blog. Super lame! So I am going to write whatever the heck I want and just see how it flows.

Speaking of lame I am going to start blogging the lamest deal of the day....well because it's funny!

Thank you to Mr. Potatomash for the Rambo Mr. Potatohead photo!


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