Mortal Kombat vs. A Bug's Life

First I will give the title some clarification. I speak of Mortal Kombat the movie (not the video game) and A Bug's Life 3D at the Animal Kingdom.
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Now the kids and I were stuck in the hotel room for the majority of the past week. Tropical Storm Debby made sure of that. My eldest son starting flicking the channels during our afternoon cartoon watching. He stopped on one of my very favorite movies Mortal Kombat! Both of my boys were intently watching and I thought the fighters are on a ship with lots of dialogue. No problem let's watch some! Then the fighters get to the Mortal Kombat competition again more dialogue (no swearing) okay this is great. Happy, of course, to be watching something other than Mickey Mouse Club House! Then some small fights, but no biggie. Then someone rips his face off and spits a fireball out of his mouth. Okay.....back to Mickey Mouse. Mind you neither of my boys were scared or tried to punch each other in the face during these 20 minutes!

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On Friday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. First stop A Bug's Life 3D. excited! We get into the theater and they make a standard announcement: Loud noises, etc, may scare children.... blah blah! I thought this is Disney how scary can this be? Well let me tell  you I was scared! I would have taken the children out, but they turned out all the lights! Then they tell my children the scary grasshopper is going to eat them. Wow, my 14 month old was clinging to me for dear life. I felt horrible!

I am under no illusion that all things Disney are kid friendly (take Bambi for example), but I think they should express to the parents that the 3D action is going to be a little scarier than loud noises! There is no real point to this post other than to laugh at some of my bad parenting choices. Thank goodness kids are truly resilient! We are all human after all and as parents we get down right delirious with exhaustion. That is my excuse for my bad choices anyway:)


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