Rainshine State

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You know I am kind of wondering if I need a Karma cleansing. I could start re-hashing prior events, but let's move on shall we? My family is currently in Orlando, FL. Evidently, Tropical Storm Debby is visiting too!   The family and I were planning a visit to the Animal Kingdom today. Wisely,  we altered our plans. I think we all still wanted a taste of Disney so we decided on Downtown Disney instead.

 Downtown Disney has a fairly large Lego store that draws children and adults alike. The place was a real mob scene and hazardous too! Hazardous due to the rain-slicked floors and stung-out parents. A mob scene probably due to desperate parents needing a way to distract their young children in the hotel room. We are among that desperate group!The radar for the Sunshine State is a gigantic green blob for the first half of the week. The mouse will have to wait a few days....thank you Legos!


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