A Shave a Day Keeps the Stubble Away!

I am pumped to be  featuring  Man Cave Soapworks  this month. It is one of my favorite shops to purchase man gifts for the men in my family! Birthdays, Christmas, and well Father's Day is around the corner too! I am already stocked up for Father's Day! I am already regretting I did not buy four bars instead of three! There is always someone else I can think of that, "I should have got a bar for them too"!

 One winner will be receiving a bar of the shave refill soap (featured below):
This shave soap can be used as body soap too! A duel purpose, which men love. The simpler the better! No need to get confused about soap!;-)

 "Extra glycerin and bentonite clay are added to benefit problem skin, aid in drawing toxins out of the body and give greater slip to the razor. It's a great soap for the entire body too!" ~Man Cave Soapworks

The Man Cave also has many shaving gift sets! They even have a nice boar bristle brush to go with this Old Fashioned Shave Set!


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