Bella Lume Spa {Giveaway}

Monday is very dreary in ye olde Virgina, but on the bright side the Bella Lume Spa giveaway just started today! They sent me all sorts of delicious bath goodies to go through! One of the items looked like golden sugar cubes and smelled tropical delightful! I held one up to look at it and you can see all these tiny exfoliating seeds packed into this small sugar cube.

These small wonders are Bella Lume's exfoliating Banana Sugar Cubes ! I  instantly thought to myself these are going to melt into oblivion! Nope, I was so wrong. Half a sugar cube scrubbed my entire body from head to toe! I thought how can this be so? It was so and to top it all off the banana coconut scent is sweet genius. This is the most exfoliating power-packed little wonder I have ever used. You will get your money worth with the Banana Coconut Sugar Cubes! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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