Terrible Twos are Real

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This a stark revelation for me, but I just realized my son Edwin has started the terrible twos! He is 2 and 1/2 at this point. I believe this increased bad behavior may be due to the excitement of our travels, but it is driving me stark-raving mad! Edwin thought it was quite amusing to dump coffee all over the hotel couch this AM.

That coffee was my coffee. Nothing is quite as upsetting as not finishing a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!! Yesterday he opened the microwave and nuked his Smuckers Pb & J sandwiches (with the wrappers on). His younger brother Lucas is 14 months and was also practicing his terrible twos a bit early!

Lucas ripped off the air conditioner cover to the control panel....faster than lightning! Lucas is typically the more destructive of the two, but this week they are having a mischievous contest. They are really duking it out! My husband is also working late tonight too. Nothing kills the moral faster than knowing no help is coming. Good grief it is only 9am! A long days a coming.

                                      {My Naughty little Angels and my gorgeous husband and I}


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