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Karmalades oh how I love thee.....let me count the ways! *Snap* Oh where was I? Many companies have jumped on the all-natural cleaning bandwagon. I have tried so many different products and the ones that do work are really among the golden few. Ah-hem...allow me to introduce you to your one stop shop for your all-natural cleaning needs: Karmalades!

The adorable jar pictured above is Karmalades Scrubbing Souffle! You will come back again and again for this stuff! It cleans everything! The Scrubbing Souffle is a mild abrasive. The souffle cleans your counter tops, appliances, dishes, and you can even scoop this into your toliet(let it sit) for some extra deodorizing! Oh and nothing will clean your jewelry better than Karmalades Scrubbing Souffle! These all-natural Gurus have some additional cleaning wonders up their sleeves. They boast some very hard working all-purpose cleaners too!

When you order from Karmalades they give you a very generous sample! The samples are oh so sweet and it is my favorite part of every order! Thinking.....what did I get this time!!!!??! In one of my last orders I received a sample of the Pink Grapefruit all purpose cleaner. It cleans, disinfects, and you can even use it on mirrors! In fact, I use this as a glass cleaner 9 times out of 10! It brings out a glorious shine my Windex never could achieve....I was really sad when it ran out.

Karmalades is boosting their good karma by giving a very lucky fan a chance to win their very own Lemon Lavender all purpose cleaner!!! You lucky Lady Bugs! Good Luck everyone!

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This week I sent out a mass e-mail to my Leesburg Mom's Night Out Group in the hopes of sparking some much needed interest in my current giveaways. Oddly enough, I hear back from one of the mom's Blaire. She says hey I have a photography business called Second Ave Photography! So I thought......I bet she does child photography. Child photography is cute, but everyone does child photography!!!! That is not the case here. Blaire's passion lies in food photography! I am so hungry right now! Tell me you all do not want a cupcake....I dare you! Now this is photography I can get behind. I am a serious foodie and Blaire is seriously talented! I think we should get to know the woman behind this delicious photography, shall we?
1. Where did your passion for Food Photography come from? When I first got my camera, it was not with the intention of becoming a professional photographer. I have always loved taking pictures, and my grandpa was a photographer, so it's been the biggest part of my life for as long as I can remember. But once I got comfortable with my camera, and realized that my love for it was bigger than just a hobby, I found that I started naturally gravitating towards things that were colorful - the first thing, being sushi. I have battled a lifelong poor relationship with food. No more than two years ago, I was a hopelessly picky eater. I didn't eat seafood or meat of any kind; no salad, no fries, no sauces, and absolutely NO cheese. It's funny to think but I loved the look of sushi, so much so that it became appetizing! And now, I am totally hooked on it (pun intended.).

2. What are your favorite foods to photograph? I love desserts. My favorite session to date has been mini cupcakes for Ciste Gras Cakes in Leesburg - the colors! And not to mention, the deliciousness. I have a sweet tooth in real life and behind my camera.

3.What is your favorite food to eat? Sushi, hands down. I am at Noku in Lansdowne weekly, sometimes more. Ironically, I still don't like cooked fish, but if it's raw and over a bed of rice, count me in.
Blaire is generously giving away a Photography Session to the small business of her choice in the NoVa!! You have a chance to win an hour sesson and a CD with high-res, watermarked images for online sharing. Entering is easy......Scroll Down!!!

1.) You must live in Northern Va
2.) You must follow this blog via GFC as well as Blaire's
3.) Leave a comment here and answer the question Why do you think your business should be chosen? (Please include business website and contact e-mail).
4.) On 8/28 Blaire will chose a winner and contact you via e-mail!

While surfing the internet super highway I came across a Facebook post from my very favorite repurposing shop Stylish Patina. If you live in Northern Va you need to check them out! They are my personal Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dealer! Side rant aside, Stylish Patina's post depicted chalk painted Ball Jars and I thought I might try some myself!

You could use any chalk paint, but Annie Sloan is the standard! Make sure your ball jar is clean and paint it! Let the paint dry...completely. Seal the paint with a wax. Let it sit overnight. In the AM take a fine sand paper and lightly distress. Then take some rustic twine to adorn it with! Done.....Boom! This rustic ball jar would make a great vase or tealight candle jar. *Keep in mind wax is typically flammable...please do not set yourself on fire!

I am about to hit 100 followers!!!! Leave some comments and let me know if you would like to win a set of these!

                        Enter the Fleur de Lis wine glass set giveaway by clicking here! {US;8/3}

Trinkets & Treasures is generously offering one lucky reader a chance to win a Fleur de Lis wine glass set! Ellen has many wonderful personalized items in her shop! I am simply in love with her little girl clothing line. Check out this Trinkets & Treasures LSU Romper!

Out of the great blue yonder I pondered......could there be handmade sunglasses? WoodRoze Sunglasses they are called. Florida's own Kyle Mariacher handcrafts wooden sunglasses for every sun lover to enjoy. I am truly impressed! These sunglasses are the real deal! I would hold these WoodRoze Sunglasses up with my Gucci's any day! The packaging is pristine. I took many pictures, because so much detailing went into the look/feel of that initial presentation to the customer. Read on, there is so much to adore about these shades!

These wooden sunglasses float! If you are a water sports lover these are your sunglasses. WoodRoze offers many styles and colors to suite all! I am pleased to the moon and back with my black ones. The black ones make me feel like a total bad ass.....perfect! The one concern I had was the weight. I thought they might be heavy, but nope....light as a feather! Exclamation marks everywhere I know, but I am very excited. Do not drop another dime on main stream designer sunglasses until you have purchased WoodRoze handcrafted ones!!

Kyle's generosity knows no bounds! He is offering one very lucky reader a chance to win their very own pair!!!!! I am so excited for you all!!!!

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                                           You can find this button at beanforest on Etsy!!

Remember the days when you rented? You could pick up the phone and say come fix this broken thing! The perk being at no cost to you. Well those days are passed and this week I am a little sad they are. I will give you  the compact blow by blow of all the sad financial happenings at The Paulding household this week. First, our motor went on our washer/dryer stacked unit. The cost to fix the whole thing was about as much as buying a new unit. Considering the age we trashed it and bought a new one(refer to Your Craigslist Guru post). Our sink is clogged. There is more.

We also bought a new vacuum too! My mother-in-law reclaimed hers. It was an anniversary present after all. Oh and I am still washing clothes by hand too! I am awaiting our handyman Lance(who had car trouble this week) to fix everything that is broken and to install our new washer/dryer. In recap, I am stuck bailing out the sink and doing laundry like a Neanderthal until our handyman arrives. Did I forget to mention the thermostat in our home is not working properly as well? When it rains it monsoons.....ah hell!

I came across a lovely vintage-inspired jewelry shop on Etsy called Nicki Lynn Jewelry! The pieces are indeed modern with a twist of vintage love. What I really first caught sight of was Nicki's customer service statement at the top of her shop:
I back my Jewelry up with a lifetime warranty ..Should this product, fail to be in good order, I will, at my option, repair or replace this product at no charge, provided that the product has not been subjected to abuse, misuse, accident, or a disaster

Shop around Etsy, I guarantee you will find very few shop owners that will express the confidence in their work as Nicki does!  That is a shop owner you want to buy from. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality is something easily seen. Nicki sent me a lovely Diablo vintage inspired necklace with a bronze patina. I love a piece of jewelry that is versatile. This piece is it! You could easily wear this necklace with just about any outfit! Dressy or casual Nicki Lynn Jewelry really has something for every occasion!

Nicki cares about you all so much she wanted to give her customers a chance to win any piece they desire! She is offering one lucky winner a $15.00 Gift Certificate to her shop to purchase anything your little heart desires! a Rafflecopter giveaway
                                          Personalized Roses on  Rocco Rose London on Etsy!

My mother-in-law and I drove through Friday rush hour traffic in the Northern Va/ DC area all in hopes of scoring that big deal! I am a huge Craigslist fan. Granted there are some true weirdos, but I can only think of one person out of tons of transactions that gave me the creepy creeps! Most of you all know my dryer is toast and I needed to get a new one ASAP. I looked at my options and started with consumer report to look at the best washer and dryers on the market. LG products were really on the top and they are good looking too! I then looked at local stores in the area Best Buy and Sears. Both charge many additional fees for pick up, installation, and haul away of the old machine. The cheap in me decided Craigslist was the route to go.

Right away I had a good lead. A ventless LG combination washer/dryer unit. Original tag price in stores $1,500.00. This gentleman was asking $1,000.00. It was a good deal, but I thought he would come down lower. Negotiating 101: Know your price terms and do not waiver. I sent the man a message telling him I would come get the washer on Friday for $800.00. I told him I needed to drive from Leesburg and also get a vehicle manned. He wrote me back and said, "I concur". His response told me he really wanted to get rid of this washer/dryer. I was going to talk him down more, but I felt it was more than a fair price.

This LG is brand new. He had manuals, receipts, product registration......everything! Seems too good to be true right? I am also a cautious buyer. My number one question is, "Why are you getting rid of this item"? The seller told me he bought the unit before he moved in and the connections did not work with this particular unit. Makes sense, but he was also very helpful going the extra mile. He then explained the the manufacturer was going to charge him to ship the product back($500.00) plus a 15% restocking fee. He wanted this thing gone!

 Now I am going to use Craigslist to get my old machine hauled away for free. Someone will use it for parts. My handyman Lance at Your Ultimate Handyman will install the new machine for me way cheaper than the store would have. A days work has saved me close to 1,000.00! Now you tell me....did I get a deal or what?!

*You will not find a better handyman than Lance! If you live in the Ashburn/Leeburg area of Nortern VA call him now!:-)
I was cruising Etsy's internet superhighway for sunglasses when I had a thought.....I wonder if anyone makes handmade sunglasses? That is when I came across Florida's own Kyle Mariacher and his eco-friendly wooden sunglasses shop WoodRoze! The excitement that started tingling in my toes cannot be described! I have never seen wooden sunglasses before and was deeply intrigued. Do you know what I like the most about these(besides the fact they are made of wood)!?

They float! Which is a great perk if you are a water hound such as myself! You would be sick to your stomach to hear my stories of designer sunglasses sinking off into the sunset. I know the main goal of sunglasses are to protect your peepers, but I think sunglasses are the hottest accessory anyone can have(summer or winter), but I am completely biased it is true! Fendi, Gucci, and perhaps now WoodRoze will be my added to my list of favorite shades!

Do you think a giveaway is happening soon...maybe....I am just going to tease you all a little bit:~)

It sure is quiet on the home front today, well not my home front! The picture above denotes the state of my week.....a complete cluster *ahem*! The dryer broke yesterday and I am simply thankful the whole house did not go up in flames! The washer is still working thankfully, so I must wash on. That means hanging wet clothes in every corner of the house until the Kenmore man gets here. Enough about my appliance about some crafty stuff, huh?

These are my Annie Sloan chalk painted cabinets I am working on. It simply takes time and patience. What you see here is 2 to 3 coats of Napoleon Blue Chalk Paint, 1 to 2 coats of clear wax, and 1 coat of dark wax(giving them a nice aged look). Let each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next and for the love of all that is holy do not get the paint wet until after the wax has been applied. I recommend Annie Sloan's  wax brush for application, but then take a clean rag and lightly buff as you go. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me and I would be happy to assist! Let the randomness continue!!

This is a neat organizing idea! I took plain clothes pins and sprayed them with chalk paint! It is a great way to label just about anything and it looks really neat!

                      This Fine Art Photograph can be found on BeSpoke Modern on Etsy!

Debate has been looming over the University of Penn State for a good while now. I am speaking from an emotional place, because I am a Penn State Alum as well as a long time fan. Enough time has passed, however, that I feel I can speak intelligently as well. The initial emotion of it all divided people into two groups. Those who jumped to Paterno's defense and those who felt like he needed to get "Strung up"(so to speak). Now you can start to see the emotions clearing like the sun peering through storm clouds. People are speaking more intelligently and less emotionally about Penn State. Therein lies where the real solutions are to be found. I do feel the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

What I believe is the statue should go. You should not wipe every semblance of Paterno existence away, because this should never be forgotten.

Child abuse(sexually or otherwise) should not happen anywhere, but it does. I hope that the National awareness this case has brought will bring about some healing to the families involved and help to bring others the courage to speak out!

We will always be Penn State and not even Joe can destroy a proud institute that has been beating since 1855. Penn State wants to do the right thing and I believe we will. We are.....Penn State!
 Upcycled Decorative "Jaws" Wall Art by John Birdsong of Recycled State on Etsy!

This morning I was thinking about the fatal shark attack that occurred in Western Australia this past Sunday. The name of the shark fatality victim is 24 year old Ben Linden. I Think the Herald Sun did a well rounded job covering this story. This is the fifth fatal attack in Western Australia in the past 10 months and is causing some alarm within the Australian community. The locals have nicknamed this shark "Brutus" and believe the shark to be....let's say enormous! Do we really wonder if Jaws originated out of Australia?

Que the Jaws Theme....Na na na na na na na na da na NA NA!

Speaking of Jaws, the 25th Anniversary of Discovery's Shark week is circling your couch. This is my favorite television show week of the year! The carnage begins Sunday, August 12th at 9pm! I am not a surfer and much prefer chlorinated water to salt. I am a competitive swimmer(retired) that does not swim with sharks, jellyfish, or anything else that might eliminate me. Of course, I am fully aware my odds of being eaten by a shark are very slim. I say...why take the chance? Shark week is certainly a good reminder to have a healthy respect for other animals that can eat you!

                               Cross Bracelet Handmade by Nicki Lynn Jewelry on Etsy!

I turned on Fox & Friends to this intriguing headline, "Arizona Pastor Arrested".  I pulled up the article posted by Fox & Friends and it appears the pastor got into trouble due to zoning laws. Evidently, it is against the law to having "church meeting" in your own home. Why, who knows? So what about Mary Kay parties or Book Club meetings? I am sure more will be revealed in the coming days.You can probably tell I am not a strict Catholic from my posts, but I am also not a woman void of faith either. I used to live in Arizona! I am shocked that they did not give this fellow a warning first. It is truly baffling and makes one wonder if there is not more to this story. I could really use Sherlock Holmes right about now.

My youngest babe Luke (15 months today actually) is a wild man. It started from the moment he could move! He was the only baby I knew that would fall on his face trying to crawl! I am simply impressed that we have managed to avoid the ER up to this point! He is a very sweet and smart boy, however, he delights himself in being as mischievous as possible.

For example, yesterday while in the kitchen I could hear my husband repeatedly chasing after Lucas. I walked into our family room and said, "What's going on"? My husband began to tell me that Luke has created a game. First, he locates the smallest item in the room. Second, he sticks it in his mouth. Third,  he runs around smiling & giggling while my husband tries to catch him! He did this probably a total of ten times:-)

I cannot fathom what the teenage years may look like.....Oy!

I am truly being silly with the whole "Tribute" in the title thing, but Kristine Foley is a Blogger of The Foley Fam who I adore. She is a very sweet and warm lady who also happens to be an Etsy Artist too!!! Not too long ago I won a very wonderful blogger giveaway from little Mudpies (they rock the by)! Part of my winnings was a sweet piece of hair decor from Kristine's J&M's Eye Candy Shop on Etsy! Kristine was adamant she wanted feedback after I received my hair clip. Long story short I forgot about it and never received it!

Kristine did her very good job following up with me to see how I liked my item. When I told her I never received it she got another one out to me ASAP! This is a shop owner you want to buy from and I encourage you to do so! Perfect hair accessories for all the lovelies in your life! This one's for you Kristine!

I adore the hair hair is super thick & the humidity makes me feel like a collie sometimes...HA! Anywho, it stayed promptly in its place. Plus it is super adorable. LOVE!
I have to say that my fascination for subscription boxes or box gifts has gone through the roof this past week! Every month I count down like a 6 year old child waiting for Christmas to receive my Birchbox goodies! Since I received two gift boxes this week I thought it would be fun to compare the two. The Birchox is the one I am most familiar with so let's start with that one:)

4 out of 4 Stars for the Birchbox

There is a reason the Birchbox is the standard by which every other box subscription is measured. Their packaging is pristine(has the wow-factor) and the samples are well thought out. You will be anxiously awaiting for the mailman to come to your door! This month there was a food sample included, which I found sort of strange. The food item seemed slightly out of place with the glamor goods. I did appreciate the neon headphones included in this months box...what a cool idea!

2 out of 4 Stars for Baby by BeautyGram

This week I also received Baby by BeautyGram, which is a gift box(not a subscription). It is a bit pricey ringing in at $73.00. You are getting full-sized and high-quality organic products. Packaging is alright, but compared to the Birchbox the "wow factor" falls flat. The most interesting item that came in the box was a laundry soap bar, which I have never seen before. I like this as a gift for the first time mom. This is not something you would purchase for yourself so it is nice to get a gourmet gift such as this.

The extra BOO *BeautyGram is a Canadian company so you will also be paying heftily for US shipping:(

                            Memorial Bracelets for Non-Profit at The AGOGE on Etsy!

My husband and I were on a date last night at our very favorite restaurant in Leesburg, Va The Wine Kitchen. It is the type of spot that has an unimaginable warmth upon walking through the door. Every time we go we debate on a table instead of the bar, but the bar is cozier. It is also closer to the booze. We sat next to a local couple who started to chat with us. Soon we realize they are a military family, like us. It is now the time to reveal our son's names and their origins.

My first born is Edwin. Named after Spc. Edwin Roodhouse affectionately known as "Rudy" to close family and friends. Roodhouse volunteered after 9/11. He wanted a dangerous job and he wanted to make a difference. A very common attitude among the men my husband served with. I remember when we were thinking about names for our son. My husband told me about "Rudy" and I said,  "I just do not know if I particularly like that name".....and he said, "Well, his first name was Edwin." I knew that was our son's name. I am also going to note here that our son is not the only Edwin. My second son is also named after a hero.

My husband and I were walking around in Florida when he was telling me about Capt. Luke Wullenwaber. I cannot say why, but I felt a real connection with him. We wanted to name our second son Luke. My husband said, "Well, what if it is a girl?" His nickname was, "Lula". I do not the know the history behind that, but maybe one the 506 guys can tell me. I knew regardless our next child was to be named after him. I felt it and needed to honor him in this way. I am also sure my son is not the only Luke too.

When we named our children I did not want people to look at me and go....oh that is so sad you named them after soldiers who died. You must remember that they died doing what they wanted to do. The best our country has to offer. You cannot even fathom how proud I was to name my children after them. They live on and will never be forgotten.
               Purchase this Koi Floating Glass Sculpture at JewelsInTheGarden on Etsy!

I have a magazine subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine! Martha has been my go to girl for many years for creative household ideas. Recently, however, I have found myself referring to Pinterest more and more....and more. You can get tons of creative ideas in one spot without paying a cent! Martha's August 2012 issue came in my mailbox this week. I found one article quite intriguing "The Garden Aquatic".

A water garden sounds like a soothing and rewarding idea, right? The article tells you about all the fascinating creatures that will come to visit your aquatic garden like birds and dragonflies! Of course, there was no mention of mosquitoes being among the fascinating creatures to visit your aquatic garden!!! What a way to bring more of those dastardly beasts into your own backyard! Thanks, but no thanks Martha.

 Julie the owner of JewlesInTheGarden had this to add:

 I did not read Martha's article but it seems like she should have mentioned about the mosquito's. This surely would make someone think twice about getting a water garden.
I have an extensive water feature and there are no mosquito's anywhere near my pond. As long as you have moving water, which a pond needs for oxygen, the mosquito's do not like it and will not breed in it. They like standing water only. anyway, thought I would mention this important info......

                                              Neon Art by NeonArtPortraits on Etsy!

I noticed something humorous as I was going about my blogging business. I like to follow everyone that follows my blog....just good PR you know? Well I noticed I have many Jesus Bloggers following me. I thought to myself are they trying to tell me something? Than I thought they are all going to gang up on me with an intervention or something! Yep, they definitely saw my dildo post! I am screwed! I want to point this out just in case any of you Jesus bloggers are reading this...I love the G-Man! That's right I call him the G-Man!

Thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns?:) Just so you all know I have a morbid sense of ill will intended. I do really love Jesus and he loves me!

Plum Posh is your haircare authority this summer! Tara is the owner of Plum Posh Boutique specializing in tres adorable elastic hair bands. These are not your mother's hair ties. The picture above gives you an idea of the sleek sophistication that comes with these little beauties. These elastic hair ties are popping up just about everywhere, but as I am about to talk about they are not all created equal.

My Birchbox last month included a Twistband elastic hair tie! I was uuber excited to try these fancy hair ties! I had the Twistband hair tie in my hair one day(not even) and it unraveled into nothingness. I actually threw it out by the end of the day. That is pure hogwash!!!

I had a completely 180 degree experience with Tara's Plum Posh Boutique! The first thing I noticed was the Plum Posh hair tie material is much softer and stronger than the Twistband. I have been wearing the one band from Plum Posh for days straight and it still looks brand new! I also have very thick hair. These hair ties hold my hair up like a even got through my hot yoga class and my hair did not move one iota! I also noted the variety of colors are very fashionable and the styles are quite unique at Plum Posh! Did I mention they are less expensive too?! So many reasons to buy from Plum Posh versus their competitors, but why take my word on it?

Want to give Plum Posh Boutique a test drive? Tara has been generous enough to offer FIVE readers a chance to win the hair tie set pictured above. If you want to experience the awesomeness of Plum Posh Boutique you should enter for a chance to win or just go and buy some!!!:-) Get ready for a hair-tacular extravaganza giveaway the likes of which no one has seen before! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Southern hospitality is readily apparent as you visit the shop of Trinkets & Treasures on Etsy. I was given the distinct pleasure to review a pair of lovely wine glasses with a Fleur de Lis design from Louisiana's own Ms. Ellen. Ms. Ellen is the lovingly attentive shop owner who specializes in personalized  items.The Fleur de Lis design is deep rooted in Louisiana heritage and can be seen throughout this charming shop! When I talked to Ms. Ellen on the phone she said you need to see these wine glasses! She was right.

The first thing I noted was the weight. The wine glass has a weighty feel  that is so incredibly pleasant in your hands! You could feel the quality in these glasses and it makes them very pleasurable to drink from. I thought our monthly girls night out was the perfect opportunity to give these wine glasses a whirl! I know what you are life is so hard!

The girls were literally clamoring over who was going to drink from these! I thought the Fleur de Lis design might be too much, but it was perfect! The pictures do not give these wine glasses the justice it deserves. These wine glasses are the perfect balance of wine glass and goblet. These are the type of wine glasses you can drink from all night long.....and we did!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


                 Get this mosquito repellant balm at Lulu Life on Etsy!!!

The mosquitoes are something fierce this summer. You could be taking a brisk walk or jog then...ow, ow, ow! They are down right vicious! Last night as our bedroom simmered down to a sauna like 95 degrees I turned the fan down. Immediately, I was bit three times on my left arm!!! I slept the rest of the night with covers pulled over my head to prevent further attacks! This is war made me do it! I am going to home dept and not for light bulbs!!!!

On a secondary note, the girls and I are going to do some intense reviewing of wine glasses tonight! Oh my life is so hard;-) A Giveaway is coming straight to you this weekend....hold on to your sweaty seats. This is going to be awesome!

I wanted to take this 4th of July to give a glorious tribute to my very favorite beauty products of the summer! The first thing in your bag of summer goodies should always be sunscreen. I found a jewel of a sun blocker that is the cleanest, lightest, most moisturizing sunblock I have ever used!!!!!

1.) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70. Get it, get it, get it! I absolutely love this sunscreen. Oil-free and leaves your skin feeling ultra smooth. A great sunscreen to wear under your make-up! You can pick this up at any drugstore or supermarket...easy:)

2.) Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment SPF15. I fell in love with this luscious lip product from France after it arrived in my first Birchbox! It tints your lips a pretty pink color with a light scent of rose. Recently, I have been using it on my cheeks and it is perfect!!! It gives those apple cheeks a dewy glow! Summer Perfection and I just ordered more. Birchbox ran and out....this just came back in stock!!!!

3.) Take a deep breath moisturizer. Summer without a good moisturizer is like summer without the sun. I am a moisturizer snob and received this sample from Philosophy in the mail. I do not typically use Philosophy products, but I am going to order this one ASAP! It is Oil-free, creamy, absorbs right into the skin leaving it very soft. The best texture out of any moisturizer I have used. Simply amazing you have got to try this!

Have a very Happy 4th of July! Enjoy all the fireworks, but please keep your fingers intact!

          For Real Passion: Get this Mature Jollet Adult Sex Toy at CHAVEZDEZIGNZ on Etsy!!!
             *Naughty Disclaimer: This post is not for children of any age...just us Adults!

Did you ever hear of Passion Parties? I do not know much about the company itself, although they remind me of an X-rated Mary Kay! I received a prize pack from them for a giveaway I won through Pittsburgh Frugal Mom's Blog.

Inside was a body spray, hand lotion, a soy massage candle, and a sex card game pack. Right away I wanted to dive into the dirty card game! Marked Mild, Medium, and Wild. I went with a medium card and it tells me to get naked and clean the house while my partner watches. Gross! I have been cleaning the house all day...super lame! The other cards were just as lame. I am so glad I did not pay real money for this set! Oh, and it also came with tassels (sticker tassels) also lame. I think I will stick with Karma Sutra and you can Google that and never pay a penny. What a rip! The most unimaginative and boring sex ideas ever, but it was free (even if it is already in the garbage)!
                Visit Arts007 on Etsy! This piece is entitled, "Tornado on the Plains".

My family and I started driving home to Virginia on Saturday. It was the day after our area in the Mid-Atlantic was affected by "The Wind Event". We thought nothing of "the event" as we made our drive. My husband likes to torture himself by listening to the traffic reports on the radio (we live in one of the worst areas in The United States for traffic). We started picking up transmissions about the damage in our area and soon found out that over a million people were still without electricity! The electric companies were saying it could be days (until July 4th) before everyone's electricity was completely restored. My husband and I were a little worried at this point.

More worried after a woman came on and stated it was a "catastrophic event" in the Herndon/Reston area. That is right down the road from us. We could see lots of debris, signs, and a few large trees on their sides! The last part of the drive was slightly nerve wracking to say the least. We just needed to see that the electricity was on and our home was still in one piece. It was. Then I was thinking I cannot believe I missed all this action! A once in 25 years weather event! When I was a child my professional dream was to be a Warren Faidley (a famous storm chaser)!
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