Ah Hell {Homeowner Woes}

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Remember the days when you rented? You could pick up the phone and say come fix this broken thing! The perk being at no cost to you. Well those days are passed and this week I am a little sad they are. I will give you  the compact blow by blow of all the sad financial happenings at The Paulding household this week. First, our motor went on our washer/dryer stacked unit. The cost to fix the whole thing was about as much as buying a new unit. Considering the age we trashed it and bought a new one(refer to Your Craigslist Guru post). Our sink is clogged. There is more.

We also bought a new vacuum too! My mother-in-law reclaimed hers. It was an anniversary present after all. Oh and I am still washing clothes by hand too! I am awaiting our handyman Lance(who had car trouble this week) to fix everything that is broken and to install our new washer/dryer. In recap, I am stuck bailing out the sink and doing laundry like a Neanderthal until our handyman arrives. Did I forget to mention the thermostat in our home is not working properly as well? When it rains it monsoons.....ah hell!


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