Crafty Corner with Heather P.

While surfing the internet super highway I came across a Facebook post from my very favorite repurposing shop Stylish Patina. If you live in Northern Va you need to check them out! They are my personal Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dealer! Side rant aside, Stylish Patina's post depicted chalk painted Ball Jars and I thought I might try some myself!

You could use any chalk paint, but Annie Sloan is the standard! Make sure your ball jar is clean and paint it! Let the paint dry...completely. Seal the paint with a wax. Let it sit overnight. In the AM take a fine sand paper and lightly distress. Then take some rustic twine to adorn it with! Done.....Boom! This rustic ball jar would make a great vase or tealight candle jar. *Keep in mind wax is typically flammable...please do not set yourself on fire!

I am about to hit 100 followers!!!! Leave some comments and let me know if you would like to win a set of these!


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