Delicious Photography {Review & Giveaway*CLOSED 8/28}

This week I sent out a mass e-mail to my Leesburg Mom's Night Out Group in the hopes of sparking some much needed interest in my current giveaways. Oddly enough, I hear back from one of the mom's Blaire. She says hey I have a photography business called Second Ave Photography! So I thought......I bet she does child photography. Child photography is cute, but everyone does child photography!!!! That is not the case here. Blaire's passion lies in food photography! I am so hungry right now! Tell me you all do not want a cupcake....I dare you! Now this is photography I can get behind. I am a serious foodie and Blaire is seriously talented! I think we should get to know the woman behind this delicious photography, shall we?
1. Where did your passion for Food Photography come from? When I first got my camera, it was not with the intention of becoming a professional photographer. I have always loved taking pictures, and my grandpa was a photographer, so it's been the biggest part of my life for as long as I can remember. But once I got comfortable with my camera, and realized that my love for it was bigger than just a hobby, I found that I started naturally gravitating towards things that were colorful - the first thing, being sushi. I have battled a lifelong poor relationship with food. No more than two years ago, I was a hopelessly picky eater. I didn't eat seafood or meat of any kind; no salad, no fries, no sauces, and absolutely NO cheese. It's funny to think but I loved the look of sushi, so much so that it became appetizing! And now, I am totally hooked on it (pun intended.).

2. What are your favorite foods to photograph? I love desserts. My favorite session to date has been mini cupcakes for Ciste Gras Cakes in Leesburg - the colors! And not to mention, the deliciousness. I have a sweet tooth in real life and behind my camera.

3.What is your favorite food to eat? Sushi, hands down. I am at Noku in Lansdowne weekly, sometimes more. Ironically, I still don't like cooked fish, but if it's raw and over a bed of rice, count me in.
Blaire is generously giving away a Photography Session to the small business of her choice in the NoVa!! You have a chance to win an hour sesson and a CD with high-res, watermarked images for online sharing. Entering is easy......Scroll Down!!!

1.) You must live in Northern Va
2.) You must follow this blog via GFC as well as Blaire's
3.) Leave a comment here and answer the question Why do you think your business should be chosen? (Please include business website and contact e-mail).
4.) On 8/28 Blaire will chose a winner and contact you via e-mail!


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