Florida requires Sunglasses {Sneek Preview}

I was cruising Etsy's internet superhighway for sunglasses when I had a thought.....I wonder if anyone makes handmade sunglasses? That is when I came across Florida's own Kyle Mariacher and his eco-friendly wooden sunglasses shop WoodRoze! The excitement that started tingling in my toes cannot be described! I have never seen wooden sunglasses before and was deeply intrigued. Do you know what I like the most about these(besides the fact they are made of wood)!?

They float! Which is a great perk if you are a water hound such as myself! You would be sick to your stomach to hear my stories of designer sunglasses sinking off into the sunset. I know the main goal of sunglasses are to protect your peepers, but I think sunglasses are the hottest accessory anyone can have(summer or winter), but I am completely biased it is true! Fendi, Gucci, and perhaps now WoodRoze will be my added to my list of favorite shades!

Do you think a giveaway is happening soon...maybe....I am just going to tease you all a little bit:~)


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