Karmalades: Good Karma for your Home {Review & Giveaway}

Karmalades oh how I love thee.....let me count the ways! *Snap* Oh where was I? Many companies have jumped on the all-natural cleaning bandwagon. I have tried so many different products and the ones that do work are really among the golden few. Ah-hem...allow me to introduce you to your one stop shop for your all-natural cleaning needs: Karmalades!

The adorable jar pictured above is Karmalades Scrubbing Souffle! You will come back again and again for this stuff! It cleans everything! The Scrubbing Souffle is a mild abrasive. The souffle cleans your counter tops, appliances, dishes, and you can even scoop this into your toliet(let it sit) for some extra deodorizing! Oh and nothing will clean your jewelry better than Karmalades Scrubbing Souffle! These all-natural Gurus have some additional cleaning wonders up their sleeves. They boast some very hard working all-purpose cleaners too!

When you order from Karmalades they give you a very generous sample! The samples are oh so sweet and it is my favorite part of every order! Thinking.....what did I get this time!!!!??! In one of my last orders I received a sample of the Pink Grapefruit all purpose cleaner. It cleans, disinfects, and you can even use it on mirrors! In fact, I use this as a glass cleaner 9 times out of 10! It brings out a glorious shine my Windex never could achieve....I was really sad when it ran out.

Karmalades is boosting their good karma by giving a very lucky fan a chance to win their very own Lemon Lavender all purpose cleaner!!! You lucky Lady Bugs! Good Luck everyone!

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