Passionless Party

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             *Naughty Disclaimer: This post is not for children of any age...just us Adults!

Did you ever hear of Passion Parties? I do not know much about the company itself, although they remind me of an X-rated Mary Kay! I received a prize pack from them for a giveaway I won through Pittsburgh Frugal Mom's Blog.

Inside was a body spray, hand lotion, a soy massage candle, and a sex card game pack. Right away I wanted to dive into the dirty card game! Marked Mild, Medium, and Wild. I went with a medium card and it tells me to get naked and clean the house while my partner watches. Gross! I have been cleaning the house all day...super lame! The other cards were just as lame. I am so glad I did not pay real money for this set! Oh, and it also came with tassels (sticker tassels) also lame. I think I will stick with Karma Sutra and you can Google that and never pay a penny. What a rip! The most unimaginative and boring sex ideas ever, but it was free (even if it is already in the garbage)!


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