So Posh {Review & Giveaway}

Plum Posh is your haircare authority this summer! Tara is the owner of Plum Posh Boutique specializing in tres adorable elastic hair bands. These are not your mother's hair ties. The picture above gives you an idea of the sleek sophistication that comes with these little beauties. These elastic hair ties are popping up just about everywhere, but as I am about to talk about they are not all created equal.

My Birchbox last month included a Twistband elastic hair tie! I was uuber excited to try these fancy hair ties! I had the Twistband hair tie in my hair one day(not even) and it unraveled into nothingness. I actually threw it out by the end of the day. That is pure hogwash!!!

I had a completely 180 degree experience with Tara's Plum Posh Boutique! The first thing I noticed was the Plum Posh hair tie material is much softer and stronger than the Twistband. I have been wearing the one band from Plum Posh for days straight and it still looks brand new! I also have very thick hair. These hair ties hold my hair up like a even got through my hot yoga class and my hair did not move one iota! I also noted the variety of colors are very fashionable and the styles are quite unique at Plum Posh! Did I mention they are less expensive too?! So many reasons to buy from Plum Posh versus their competitors, but why take my word on it?

Want to give Plum Posh Boutique a test drive? Tara has been generous enough to offer FIVE readers a chance to win the hair tie set pictured above. If you want to experience the awesomeness of Plum Posh Boutique you should enter for a chance to win or just go and buy some!!!:-) Get ready for a hair-tacular extravaganza giveaway the likes of which no one has seen before! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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