Sunday with The Foley Fam {A Tribute}

I am truly being silly with the whole "Tribute" in the title thing, but Kristine Foley is a Blogger of The Foley Fam who I adore. She is a very sweet and warm lady who also happens to be an Etsy Artist too!!! Not too long ago I won a very wonderful blogger giveaway from little Mudpies (they rock the by)! Part of my winnings was a sweet piece of hair decor from Kristine's J&M's Eye Candy Shop on Etsy! Kristine was adamant she wanted feedback after I received my hair clip. Long story short I forgot about it and never received it!

Kristine did her very good job following up with me to see how I liked my item. When I told her I never received it she got another one out to me ASAP! This is a shop owner you want to buy from and I encourage you to do so! Perfect hair accessories for all the lovelies in your life! This one's for you Kristine!

I adore the hair hair is super thick & the humidity makes me feel like a collie sometimes...HA! Anywho, it stayed promptly in its place. Plus it is super adorable. LOVE!


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