Why, Martha....why?!

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I have a magazine subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine! Martha has been my go to girl for many years for creative household ideas. Recently, however, I have found myself referring to Pinterest more and more....and more. You can get tons of creative ideas in one spot without paying a cent! Martha's August 2012 issue came in my mailbox this week. I found one article quite intriguing "The Garden Aquatic".

A water garden sounds like a soothing and rewarding idea, right? The article tells you about all the fascinating creatures that will come to visit your aquatic garden like birds and dragonflies! Of course, there was no mention of mosquitoes being among the fascinating creatures to visit your aquatic garden!!! What a way to bring more of those dastardly beasts into your own backyard! Thanks, but no thanks Martha.

 Julie the owner of JewlesInTheGarden had this to add:

 I did not read Martha's article but it seems like she should have mentioned about the mosquito's. This surely would make someone think twice about getting a water garden.
I have an extensive water feature and there are no mosquito's anywhere near my pond. As long as you have moving water, which a pond needs for oxygen, the mosquito's do not like it and will not breed in it. They like standing water only. anyway, thought I would mention this important info......


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