Wild One {My Lil' Man}

My youngest babe Luke (15 months today actually) is a wild man. It started from the moment he could move! He was the only baby I knew that would fall on his face trying to crawl! I am simply impressed that we have managed to avoid the ER up to this point! He is a very sweet and smart boy, however, he delights himself in being as mischievous as possible.

For example, yesterday while in the kitchen I could hear my husband repeatedly chasing after Lucas. I walked into our family room and said, "What's going on"? My husband began to tell me that Luke has created a game. First, he locates the smallest item in the room. Second, he sticks it in his mouth. Third,  he runs around smiling & giggling while my husband tries to catch him! He did this probably a total of ten times:-)

I cannot fathom what the teenage years may look like.....Oy!


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