WoodRoze Sunglasses

Out of the great blue yonder I pondered......could there be handmade sunglasses? WoodRoze Sunglasses they are called. Florida's own Kyle Mariacher handcrafts wooden sunglasses for every sun lover to enjoy. I am truly impressed! These sunglasses are the real deal! I would hold these WoodRoze Sunglasses up with my Gucci's any day! The packaging is pristine. I took many pictures, because so much detailing went into the look/feel of that initial presentation to the customer. Read on, there is so much to adore about these shades!

These wooden sunglasses float! If you are a water sports lover these are your sunglasses. WoodRoze offers many styles and colors to suite all! I am pleased to the moon and back with my black ones. The black ones make me feel like a total bad ass.....perfect! The one concern I had was the weight. I thought they might be heavy, but nope....light as a feather! Exclamation marks everywhere I know, but I am very excited. Do not drop another dime on main stream designer sunglasses until you have purchased WoodRoze handcrafted ones!!

Kyle's generosity knows no bounds! He is offering one very lucky reader a chance to win their very own pair!!!!! I am so excited for you all!!!!

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  1. Dozer in the darker brown color. I am obsessed with sunglasses and love love these!!


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