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My mother-in-law and I drove through Friday rush hour traffic in the Northern Va/ DC area all in hopes of scoring that big deal! I am a huge Craigslist fan. Granted there are some true weirdos, but I can only think of one person out of tons of transactions that gave me the creepy creeps! Most of you all know my dryer is toast and I needed to get a new one ASAP. I looked at my options and started with consumer report to look at the best washer and dryers on the market. LG products were really on the top and they are good looking too! I then looked at local stores in the area Best Buy and Sears. Both charge many additional fees for pick up, installation, and haul away of the old machine. The cheap in me decided Craigslist was the route to go.

Right away I had a good lead. A ventless LG combination washer/dryer unit. Original tag price in stores $1,500.00. This gentleman was asking $1,000.00. It was a good deal, but I thought he would come down lower. Negotiating 101: Know your price terms and do not waiver. I sent the man a message telling him I would come get the washer on Friday for $800.00. I told him I needed to drive from Leesburg and also get a vehicle manned. He wrote me back and said, "I concur". His response told me he really wanted to get rid of this washer/dryer. I was going to talk him down more, but I felt it was more than a fair price.

This LG is brand new. He had manuals, receipts, product registration......everything! Seems too good to be true right? I am also a cautious buyer. My number one question is, "Why are you getting rid of this item"? The seller told me he bought the unit before he moved in and the connections did not work with this particular unit. Makes sense, but he was also very helpful going the extra mile. He then explained the the manufacturer was going to charge him to ship the product back($500.00) plus a 15% restocking fee. He wanted this thing gone!

 Now I am going to use Craigslist to get my old machine hauled away for free. Someone will use it for parts. My handyman Lance at Your Ultimate Handyman will install the new machine for me way cheaper than the store would have. A days work has saved me close to 1,000.00! Now you tell me....did I get a deal or what?!

*You will not find a better handyman than Lance! If you live in the Ashburn/Leeburg area of Nortern VA call him now!:-)


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