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My job is to promote small businesses, to create buzz! I have recently interacted with a few small businesses that have induced a fire in my belly. I am about to share with you some of my current frustrations that maybe a few fellow bloggers have felt too. Doing the right thing is the most important thing.

                         Forest Hills Art "Gummy Bear" Photograph on Etsy


Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to do the right thing....always. I remember we had a drugstore down the road from my house filled to the brim with candy. One day, I walked into the proverbial candy land and walked over to the gummy candy aisle. Maybe it is the bright colors or the bouncy texture, but I adore them. I reached right into the gummy bear box and put one in my mouth. Uh-oh...

Right away I realized I did something wrong. Frightened, I briskly walked out of the store. My stomach starts hurting immediately and I am reaming with anxiety. From that day on every time I went into the drugstore to buy candy I always paid extra. It was my way of making up for eating that 1 cent gummy bear. The straight and narrow.

I will give it to you straight. I promote and I cannot promote effectively without trying or seeing the product first. If you want someone to right a half assed review there will be plenty of takers. Not me. I refuse to do it.

Thanks for listening,

Heather P.
Proud author of Spunky Real Deals

Julie Diers and the Bumble Bee Studio! Blaire and I are tremendously excited for you and your buzzing business! You have won a Professional Photography Session for your business with Second Ave Photography! Blaire cannot wait to get started and from what I hear she already has some inspiring perfect-framed ideas:~) It also turns out that everyone will be a winner even if you did not win the grand prize for Free.

                      Leesburg Mom's Night Out and a very social butterfly at Second Ave Blog:~)

As a big heartfelt thank you to all who entered the Second Ave Photography contest Blaire is offering a steep discount on her sessions! An hour session for $75 with high res watermarked images and if you meet at her house she is only charging $50 for an hour!!!! It does not get any better than this my friends! Please e-mail Blaire at for more information on her spectacular photography sessions.
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Last week I was looking to get an About Me update. I was ready for some fancy words with a fancy photo:~) As with all unique items, I started to do an Etsy search. The first graphic designer I contacted could not do the About Me widget without additional purchases.....Boo and next! Then I stalked over to Lilipop Designs, which unbeknownst to me, was run by Jessica of Boys oh Boys another fellow blogger! It was only after our transaction I learned of her identity! Fascinating Sherlock tell me more.... :~)

I almost gave my business to someone else! So, I want everyone to know that I am 110% satisfied with my About Me widget. Superman himself could not have been faster, nor more efficient. Please consider our fellow blogger at Lilipop Designs when looking for bloggy-blog updates! Thank you folks and good night.

                                          "Strawberry Tide"(2012) by Kiele Gregoire

"Art is in the eyes of the beholder. I am not Picasso, nor am I an Art Critic. I simply understand what "speaks to me" as we all should."~Me

 Kiele is the artist behind Kiele by the Sea an Etsy art emporium! Her art speaks to my love and fascination with all things ocean related. Her shop boasts abstract depictions of the ocean waves using watercolors and colored pencils. The piece of art I was the most intrigued by was entitled "August".

                                                 "August"(2011) by Kiele Gregoire

The print "August" represents the month of August to perfection. It reminds me of that final trip to the beach for the season. That last wave you look at before heading back over the dunes for the long drive home. A bittersweet taste at the ending of summer. Three different people(including the artist herself) can look at this piece and each give you a completely different interpretation. That my friends is the beauty of art!

My "August" print originally had a secluded location picked out. I quickly realized it needed to reside in a place where I could enjoy it each and everyday. I moved it to our little nook in the kitchen. Our family has a deep love of the ocean and I decided to use it as the centerpiece for my new project. I am going to gather all our best beach photos and place them around my "August" print. So even as the snowflakes are fluttering outside my window I can daydream of the next summer to come.

Kiele also has adorable artistic baby clothes and note card sets in her shop! These are tres adorable!!

The tremendously talented artist Kiele is giving every reader a chance to grab a piece of "August" for their impending winter!

Are you ready for a Picasso-worthy end of summer giveaway?

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There is something about little boys and dirt! They have an affinity to each other that cannot be explained. My boys love digging in a patch of dirt near my lavender shrubs in the backyard. It is lovely to watch. My eldest thought it would be fun to coat his brother entirely with dirt. The photo depicts that even sitting in a tub full of water he was dirty still! Ah, little boys I love you so!

Welcome to A Crafter's Dream Group Giveaway, hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Earning My Cape,and Little Becky Homecky. There are 19 craft-crazed bloggers who are each offering her own giveaway worth $25 or more, all related to the crafty and homemade. Once you enter my rustically crafty giveaway you can hop, skip, or jump to the other giveaways and enter them all!!!! Brew ha ha ha can you feel the craftiness.....well can you?:~)

Welcome to my tastefully rustic giveaway! From moi you will receive a Ball Jar set of four Annie Sloan chalk painted beauties! They are waxed and distressed for that shabby chic look you desire! I use these chalk painted Ball Jars for all my floral arrangements, but you may simply wish to use them for organization! They would make fine pencil and pen holders for school! I will advise you against using them as candle holders, because the wax is flammable! You have been warned my little pyromaniacs:~)

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We are PENN STATE!!! Football season and the lingering of Fall are right around the corner! Pop quiz hot shot! What is the most important Fall accessory? I hope nobody said plaid anything. The answer is a scarf, of course. My virtual travels on Etsy led me to discover the perfect Fall scarf at Ohzie. Ohzie is an upcycled paradise!

What does upcycling mean? It basically means you take an existing item and transform it into something brand new. That is precisely what Ohzie does! Ohzie takes the boring t-shirt and gives it the "Pow" and the "Wow" makeover! The mother-daughter duo of Ohzie boasts many different upcycled wares, but I eternally adore scarves! Ohzie has the ever popular infinity scarves, but I actually found myself quite drawn to their patchwork sports-themed scarves!

My Pennsylvania roots probably have something to do with my sports obsession!:~) If you are as sports-crazed as I am then you just need to have one of these scarves! Kim at Ohzie made a very special upcycled Penn State scarf just for me!*adored sigh* It is soft, beautiful, trendy, and one of a kind. Each scarf is a work of art! There are no two scarves alike. These are beautifully hand-crafted pieces! I will certainly be the envied scarf beauty at all the Penn State football games this season! A perfectly-unique sports lovers gift! Bravo Ohzie......Bravo!
Kim is offering one lucky sports fanatic a chance to win their very own patchwork scarf with sports team of your choosing! How super bowl lovely is that?!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

A good moisturizer is worth it's weight in gold! Last week I received a sample of eight body moisture in the Ginger Lime scent. It is delectable! Spa quality moisture paired with an unusual scent of Ginger Lime! Can I just say the Ginger Lime scent is uplifting, yet amazingly relaxing?! Tropical but balanced enough for everyday use! My only problem now as I am shaking my eight moisturizer container....I am quickly running out!!

Do you like to craft(using my best car salesman voice)? Then come on down and join the lot of us! Welcome to A Crafter’s Dream Group Giveaway, hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Little Becky Homecky, and Earning My Cape. Each blogger is offering her/his own giveaway worth $25 or more!

Wanna see what you might win from little old me? Well I have some rustic ball jars painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. They are also waxed and distressed. Lovely lovely and one winner will take home a set of four($40 value)!  The perfect rustically-chic flower vase *kiss kiss*

What are you waiting for? Join us for some crafty goodness! You can offer a crafty ware that you make, use a crafty sponsor, or use your business crafty ware for the giveaway! Do a virtual hop over to Little Becky Homecky for the deets!

Release your mind into the herbal wilderness! Welcome to The Bumble Bee Studio! Julie Diers is the mastermind behind these artisan luxuries for the bath, body, and home. I am no stranger to The Bumble Bee Studio and vice versa. Julie is a very busy bee *ahem* pun intended. I saw her at two garden shows this year! Business is good and once you try her products you will understand why! I purchased my first vat of Lavender Body Butter while at the Leesburg Garden Show. Then I purchased more and now I need more still! I am an Addict for Julie's Lavender Butter. Thick, creamy, and an overwhelmingly relaxing lavender want more!:~) Now I have another Bumble Bee goodie to tell you about. Goat milk & Lavender Facial Polish & Cleanser!

I tore this box open and had it on my face in 5 seconds flat! The Facial Polish & Cleanser is a powder that you turn into a paste! You can use water, honey, or olive oil! Very is like creating your own facial at home! You can smell earthy, oatmeal, and lavender. This is a soothingly pleasant grit-tastic facial cleanser! Can you see all the nooks and crannies on my cranny?

My face feels cleaner than it has all year! My wallet is crying right now, because I am going back for more! Julie is blessing us all with an opportunity to take her Goat milk & Lavender Facial Polish & Cleanser home. Oh you know it....get ready for a giveaway!
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I have been pulling my hair out trying to come to conclusions about a few business details! So...I decided to ask you wonderful folks! Most of you are artists yourselves, mommas, or both. You can cure my angst! January 2013 I am going to create Spunky Baby Naturals and turn her into a LLC...YEAH! I have four baby balms for the start up.  

What do you think of the scents? Which is your favorite?  

Lavender Coconut

Lavender Vanilla 
                                              {No Photo Available} 

Orange Grove {Orange Grove has a hint of shimmer: Is that something that would effect your decision to buy this particular balm?}


 Last hypoglycemic question. Would you prefer travel size or 2 oz. containers? 

Yesterday I believe my oldest dumped my once clean laundry on the floor about five times. After that he moved onto the cloth diaper basket which he dumped another three or four times. I thought maybe he just wants the basket to play in? I handed him the basket and he turns to go back towards the clean laundry again. Whoa.....enough is enough! It's bubble time!

The boys and I took our bubbles outside only to run inside a few moments later. The early summer created a Mosquito population that is probably larger than a small army! There have also been a few times I have neglected to notice the dastardly beasts because they look like flies!!! The boys were really looking forward to the bubbles so I thought we should continue indoors........and we did!!!! The bubbles kept everyone busy for an hour and it was pure fun!

Why the Jaw's theme on this Monday morning you ask? Well, only the best TV week of the summer started yesterday! Discovery's Shark week!!!!!!! Booyah...oh Yeah! I am catching up on Air Shark Apocalypse which aired last night and features Colossus(a big ass Great White Shark). The Apocalypse portion is Discovery's way of stepping up their marketing game. I am actually really impressed with their marketing this year. Discovery is really going after the youth this year involving social media websites and introducing Apps! They have a robotic Megaladon called Sharkzilla too!!! Supremely entertaining and every night we can vote for the object we want in the jaws of this immense mechanical creation! If you are way into shark week and need to take things a step further Discovery has a great blog post on things you can do during shark week. The segment I am the most excited about, however, is the Volkswagon Beetle-shaped shark cage that was created just for Shark week!

This is really one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Marketing at it's finest and I must take a moment of silence for their pure genius! I think the most disappointing thing about the VW shark cage is they are only going to show 1 minute snipets of the action during shark week. I really wish they would have incorporated this into an entire show! No matter.....I heart you shark week and I am ready for the carnage to continue tonight at 9 pm!

                                             Meet Colossus star of Air Shark Apocalypse!

Summer is winding down. The conversation is starting to lean towards the fall season. Would you believe the grocery store has put out Halloween candy already! Whoa.....let's pump the breaks alittle and savor the tail end of our beautiful summer! My family and I have a summer tradition to go to the Outer Banks in North Cacalacky every year! The exception was last year. A week before our OBX vacation Hurricane Irene tore through the area forcing us to cancel. Driving down highway 12 this season my husband and I noted everything looks pretty much the same as we remember. Irene did, however, create a new inlet on Pea Island forcing engineers to build a temporary bridge. The New York Times has a great article "A North Carolina lifeline built on shifting sands" if you would like more information. Location is everything and our family likes to stay in Buxton, NC.

Buxton is a short walk to all the best seafood restaurants, beaches, ice cream parlors, grocery stores, a gas station, and the ferry to Ocracoke. If you have small children the beaches are more quiet in the southern portion past Pea Island. If you are into the crazy life then you will probably prefer the northern beaches. The real gem my dears I am about to share with you now. Listen up.... come closer......closer.....too close...okay perfect. The Apple Ugly. A renowned fried piece of apple-ugly goodness! It is warm and soft in the center with bits of apple. Think the best cinamon roll of your life with a crunchy exterior. The apple ugly is located at the Orange Blossom Bakery & Cafe in Buxton, NC! One will feed a family of four, but get two just to be safe!
My wonderful mother-in-law was in Rhode Island this weekend for a Bridal Shower. Upon returning home to Maryland she noted a beautiful, ornate-beveled mirror on the side of the road. Thank goodness she had the good sense to stop! Someone was going to let this go to the city dump*gasps*! The mirror is very weighty and it came with a pair of legs that I would like to use as well. First off, let me apologize for the photography. It is quite a dreary day in Northern Va today! I have two ideas for the antique set:

One is to ditch the legs and mount the mirror on the wall by itself. Personally, I think it would be a sin to ditch the legs. I do not know if mounting the mirror(without being supported from the bottom) is even possible due to the immense weight of the piece. The second is to use the legs with the mirror as a faux vanity. All I would need is a gorgeous vintage stool!

No matter what I have already decided I am going to paint and wax the piece with Annie Sloan's Old Violet Chalk Paint. This is one of my very favorite Annie Sloan colors! The violet is muted with a grayish undertone...just lovely! If you are looking to purchase the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints may I suggest Kelly at Stylish Patina? Kelly also owns the Barn located in Historic Fredrick, MD that has many repurposed goodies! Okay....I am going to ask for your advice here. Do you all have any ideas or suggestions as to how I could utilize this amazing antique?

Check out the new scenery at Spunky Real Deals! Pretty sweet huh? Well what if I told you that me and at least four other people were given the same bloggy makeover for Free! You would probably say no way....well WAY! IIlana Morgan is the graphic designer responsible for the chic new atmosphere around here! Ilana was running a contest  to completely redo one individual's blog and she just could not decide who was going to win! She went crazy generous and said that everyone won! Our family is super broke and could not afford to upgrade my blog this year. Thanks to Ilana I have a professional look to get me to that next bloggy level! Ilana is a very talented graphic designer out of Australia who is the owner of My Modern Vintage Graphic Designs on Etsy.

What I heart about Ilana's shop is she has a price point that suites everyone! If you are in the market for a blog makeover then you need to take a serious look at My Modern Vintage Designs. A graphic designer this talented and generous deserves to get some green backs thrown her way!
Mitt Romney 2012 Word Mosaic by New Globe on Etsy!! 

*Disclaimer: Political Debate. Let's not get our panties in a bunch. Speak intelligently, not emotionally people. Who are you going to vote for and why?

Mitt Romney is being depicted as a crook in the business world by the media. A money hungry wolf that cares for no one but himself. I felt compelled to write about this, because I believe this is sorely inaccurate....I want to reveal the Truth! Do you dare open your eyes and ears? Last election I voted for President Obama in the primary's. Yep, you read that correctly. I am a registered Republican, but I will vote for the man who I think is right for the job regardless of political loyalties. I did, however, vote for Senator McCain in the general election after hearing nothing but "Change" over and over again. My fears that Obama was purely "oratorical" was confirmed over the past four years of his presidency.

Our national debt is spiraling out of control without an end in sight thanks to the Obama administration.  I will, however, give credit where credit is due. My husband and I both believe President Obama has done a good job where our National Security is concerned, but that is where I draw the line in the sand.  I want to believe in America again and I think Romney is the guy to get us back on track. Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, right?

Yes, he was born into a wealthy family. His father left him a sum of one million dollars in inheritance money. Most people would not give a dime of that money away let alone donate the entire sum! According to, Romney donated one million dollars to the college of BYU(his entire inheritance) in 1995. Romney started a business with his own monies and was very successful! The fact that Romney wanted to stand on his own feet and not on the back of his father speaks volumes about his character! When my husband came home last week and told me of Romney giving his inheritance to charity I was stunned! Why has Romney's large charitable contributions been placed on the back burner by the media?

Speaking of the media, This morning on Fox News they were discussing a low brow attack from a Pro Obama Super PAC against Mitt Romney trying to link him to a death of a steelworker's wife. Fox News states in their online article that the woman involved had Stage 4 Cancer. I am an RN by trade. Stage 4 CA is when the cancer has metastasized to other parts of your body. It is one step away from hospice. The poor man depicted is obviously still grieving for his wife, but at the end of the day "we"  are responsible for the decisions we make in life. Not Romney, not even Obama. I feel as Americans we are relying on the government more and more. We need to reclaim our independence and the responsibility that goes along with it. Please vote!

It is more important this year than ever before. You do not have the right to complain about the state of our great country if you do not voice your opinion by voting! Right now I am currently reading Bill O'Reilly's book Killing Lincoln (It is absolutely amazing by the way). Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with people who kept him honest. Especially individuals whose political opinions were different than his. I hope and pray for an "Honest Abe" to take the office soon. Let it be know that I do not think anyone can compare to Lincoln,  but I am ready for a man of substance. Romney is not the most charismatic(this is true), but he is that man of substance. On the contrary, I think President Obama is a good human being. However, we simply cannot ignore the fact that our Economy is in ruins. Not even the charismatic President Obama can conceal the damage his administration has caused.

Suede &  Pearls? A sweet contrast! You have the femininity of pearls and the masculinity of suede intertwined together. Contrasting, but in sweet harmony. Alabama proud Marly Lowery is the owner of Knot Just Bracelets and she has a vision that lies on the brink of creative genius! Again....suede and pearls! Somehow they just work! I hold this bracelet up and you can see straight up Bohemian chic!

The Suede & Pearl bracelet is easy to put on(by yourself) and the suede feels wonderful against your skin! It is very comfortable and lightweight. This bracelet really sings summer and fall! The perfect pairing with a light weight cotton dress or a pair of skinny jeans! So versatile! This Suede & Pearl lovely adds the perfect amount of dressiness for the everyday ensemb! Outdoor wedding anyone? I can see a row of bridesmaids rocking these bracelets in organic flowing dresses! Mary is unaware, but I had a sneek peek of one of her military creations that I just have to share!

The south has amazing food, good old Southern hospitality, and a deep respect for the military. I am a proud Army Infantry wife! Airborne! This is a beautiful and unique "Support your Troops" bracelet. This particular bracelet was made as a special request. I anticipate that she will be making many more of these!

One of you lucky fashionista's are going to take home this chocolate Suede & Pearl bracelet! Who's it gonna be?!

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What is Citrus Lane? They offer a monthly subscription box for your children ages 0 to 3 for $25 a month plus FREE shipping! Full of fun, yet practical goodies. Practical being the key! I noted the items in my Citrus Lane Box are "Picked by Parents". Love This! I know the items in my Citrus Lane box will not end up in the corner with the McDonald's toys. The first thing I saw in my box was a lovely howdy-do note from Citrus Lane! Shall we see what is inside?

I sifted through the citrusy tissue paper to reveal the items in my Bon Voyage Citrus Lane Box. I noted the products inside were both useful and tailored to the season. Speaking of the is Summer right?! Summer is full of fun, but traveling with little ones is not always a perfect golden brown tan. I set aside a handful of items that I thought would be the most helpful while traveling with the kiddos.

The first item is Dapple Baby laundry detergent for On-the-Go Handwash use. My boys are food magnets and we will use these! California Baby travel-sized bath & body items were next. Travel-sized products are space saving lifesavers in a car riddled with bulky diapers and toys! The item I liked the most was the Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy! This is a travel savvy kit full of basic first-aid and diaper essentials. It includes items like hand sanitizer, organic tush wipes, diaper bags, and a throw away thermometer(things you probably would forget, but are so happy you have)! Lastly, we have some toys to chat about!

The Tiny Love Harry the Hippo toy is great! My first son had a teething toy very similar to this and it worked like a dream! You pull the string and it vibrates in their mouth. Perfect for the teething babe! The last item was a mint-green flexible teething bracelet from chewbeads! Who says a young mom cannot stay super fabulous while toting a tot?

Citrus Lane gets two thumbs up: one for practicality and the other for fun. What a sweet combination that is sure to please any parent!

The very generous Citrus Lane is offering one lucky reader a chance to win their very own Citrus Lane Box!! If you are cannot wait to snag your first box you can get a 10% discount right now using the discount code: 10BLOG (good until 8/14). Click here and tell Citrus Lane Spunky Real Deals sent you!!!! !!!!!!!
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