August by Kiele Gregoire {Art Review & Giveaway}

                                          "Strawberry Tide"(2012) by Kiele Gregoire

"Art is in the eyes of the beholder. I am not Picasso, nor am I an Art Critic. I simply understand what "speaks to me" as we all should."~Me

 Kiele is the artist behind Kiele by the Sea an Etsy art emporium! Her art speaks to my love and fascination with all things ocean related. Her shop boasts abstract depictions of the ocean waves using watercolors and colored pencils. The piece of art I was the most intrigued by was entitled "August".

                                                 "August"(2011) by Kiele Gregoire

The print "August" represents the month of August to perfection. It reminds me of that final trip to the beach for the season. That last wave you look at before heading back over the dunes for the long drive home. A bittersweet taste at the ending of summer. Three different people(including the artist herself) can look at this piece and each give you a completely different interpretation. That my friends is the beauty of art!

My "August" print originally had a secluded location picked out. I quickly realized it needed to reside in a place where I could enjoy it each and everyday. I moved it to our little nook in the kitchen. Our family has a deep love of the ocean and I decided to use it as the centerpiece for my new project. I am going to gather all our best beach photos and place them around my "August" print. So even as the snowflakes are fluttering outside my window I can daydream of the next summer to come.

Kiele also has adorable artistic baby clothes and note card sets in her shop! These are tres adorable!!

The tremendously talented artist Kiele is giving every reader a chance to grab a piece of "August" for their impending winter!

Are you ready for a Picasso-worthy end of summer giveaway?

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