Bloggers Lend me your Eyes {Lilipop Shout Out}

Last week I was looking to get an About Me update. I was ready for some fancy words with a fancy photo:~) As with all unique items, I started to do an Etsy search. The first graphic designer I contacted could not do the About Me widget without additional purchases.....Boo and next! Then I stalked over to Lilipop Designs, which unbeknownst to me, was run by Jessica of Boys oh Boys another fellow blogger! It was only after our transaction I learned of her identity! Fascinating Sherlock tell me more.... :~)

I almost gave my business to someone else! So, I want everyone to know that I am 110% satisfied with my About Me widget. Superman himself could not have been faster, nor more efficient. Please consider our fellow blogger at Lilipop Designs when looking for bloggy-blog updates! Thank you folks and good night.


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