Bubbles Cure Boredom {Toddler Activity}

Yesterday I believe my oldest dumped my once clean laundry on the floor about five times. After that he moved onto the cloth diaper basket which he dumped another three or four times. I thought maybe he just wants the basket to play in? I handed him the basket and he turns to go back towards the clean laundry again. Whoa.....enough is enough! It's bubble time!

The boys and I took our bubbles outside only to run inside a few moments later. The early summer created a Mosquito population that is probably larger than a small army! There have also been a few times I have neglected to notice the dastardly beasts because they look like flies!!! The boys were really looking forward to the bubbles so I thought we should continue indoors........and we did!!!! The bubbles kept everyone busy for an hour and it was pure fun!


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