My Hiatus {Technology Break}

That is me and my delicious husband. Stripped of my mustache. Did you miss me? I bet you did not even notice I was it should be!:~)

Our family trip to the beach was very therapeutic! My husband and I decided that the technology should stay at home. My blog really was starting to disrupt the balance of my life. Life truly is a balancing act. I have made a commitment to myself to cut my hours back. The excitement of my blog success had me working 7 days a week! That is too much even for someone raking in the dough, which I am not by the by!

I am not a preacher. You should do whatever the hell you want. In fact, I am a RN by trade and I often was asked by my smoking patients why I was not lecturing them about smoking! I told them does it really matter what I already know it is going to kill you?! Same concept. I will not tell you to turn your iphone off at dinner while out with the family. You already know what you need to do. Does this blurb mess with your mind or what?!


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