Na na na na na na na na na na na {Jaw's Theme}

Why the Jaw's theme on this Monday morning you ask? Well, only the best TV week of the summer started yesterday! Discovery's Shark week!!!!!!! Booyah...oh Yeah! I am catching up on Air Shark Apocalypse which aired last night and features Colossus(a big ass Great White Shark). The Apocalypse portion is Discovery's way of stepping up their marketing game. I am actually really impressed with their marketing this year. Discovery is really going after the youth this year involving social media websites and introducing Apps! They have a robotic Megaladon called Sharkzilla too!!! Supremely entertaining and every night we can vote for the object we want in the jaws of this immense mechanical creation! If you are way into shark week and need to take things a step further Discovery has a great blog post on things you can do during shark week. The segment I am the most excited about, however, is the Volkswagon Beetle-shaped shark cage that was created just for Shark week!

This is really one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Marketing at it's finest and I must take a moment of silence for their pure genius! I think the most disappointing thing about the VW shark cage is they are only going to show 1 minute snipets of the action during shark week. I really wish they would have incorporated this into an entire show! No matter.....I heart you shark week and I am ready for the carnage to continue tonight at 9 pm!

                                             Meet Colossus star of Air Shark Apocalypse!


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