OBX {The New Highway 12}

Summer is winding down. The conversation is starting to lean towards the fall season. Would you believe the grocery store has put out Halloween candy already! Whoa.....let's pump the breaks alittle and savor the tail end of our beautiful summer! My family and I have a summer tradition to go to the Outer Banks in North Cacalacky every year! The exception was last year. A week before our OBX vacation Hurricane Irene tore through the area forcing us to cancel. Driving down highway 12 this season my husband and I noted everything looks pretty much the same as we remember. Irene did, however, create a new inlet on Pea Island forcing engineers to build a temporary bridge. The New York Times has a great article "A North Carolina lifeline built on shifting sands" if you would like more information. Location is everything and our family likes to stay in Buxton, NC.

Buxton is a short walk to all the best seafood restaurants, beaches, ice cream parlors, grocery stores, a gas station, and the ferry to Ocracoke. If you have small children the beaches are more quiet in the southern portion past Pea Island. If you are into the crazy life then you will probably prefer the northern beaches. The real gem my dears I am about to share with you now. Listen up.... come closer......closer.....too close...okay perfect. The Apple Ugly. A renowned fried piece of apple-ugly goodness! It is warm and soft in the center with bits of apple. Think the best cinamon roll of your life with a crunchy exterior. The apple ugly is located at the Orange Blossom Bakery & Cafe in Buxton, NC! One will feed a family of four, but get two just to be safe!


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