Ohzie:Upcycled Scarf Love {Review & Giveaway}

We are PENN STATE!!! Football season and the lingering of Fall are right around the corner! Pop quiz hot shot! What is the most important Fall accessory? I hope nobody said plaid anything. The answer is a scarf, of course. My virtual travels on Etsy led me to discover the perfect Fall scarf at Ohzie. Ohzie is an upcycled paradise!

What does upcycling mean? It basically means you take an existing item and transform it into something brand new. That is precisely what Ohzie does! Ohzie takes the boring t-shirt and gives it the "Pow" and the "Wow" makeover! The mother-daughter duo of Ohzie boasts many different upcycled wares, but I eternally adore scarves! Ohzie has the ever popular infinity scarves, but I actually found myself quite drawn to their patchwork sports-themed scarves!

My Pennsylvania roots probably have something to do with my sports obsession!:~) If you are as sports-crazed as I am then you just need to have one of these scarves! Kim at Ohzie made a very special upcycled Penn State scarf just for me!*adored sigh* It is soft, beautiful, trendy, and one of a kind. Each scarf is a work of art! There are no two scarves alike. These are beautifully hand-crafted pieces! I will certainly be the envied scarf beauty at all the Penn State football games this season! A perfectly-unique sports lovers gift! Bravo Ohzie......Bravo!
Kim is offering one lucky sports fanatic a chance to win their very own patchwork scarf with sports team of your choosing! How super bowl lovely is that?!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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