Pay it Forward {My Modern Vintage Graphic Designs}

Check out the new scenery at Spunky Real Deals! Pretty sweet huh? Well what if I told you that me and at least four other people were given the same bloggy makeover for Free! You would probably say no way....well WAY! IIlana Morgan is the graphic designer responsible for the chic new atmosphere around here! Ilana was running a contest  to completely redo one individual's blog and she just could not decide who was going to win! She went crazy generous and said that everyone won! Our family is super broke and could not afford to upgrade my blog this year. Thanks to Ilana I have a professional look to get me to that next bloggy level! Ilana is a very talented graphic designer out of Australia who is the owner of My Modern Vintage Graphic Designs on Etsy.

What I heart about Ilana's shop is she has a price point that suites everyone! If you are in the market for a blog makeover then you need to take a serious look at My Modern Vintage Designs. A graphic designer this talented and generous deserves to get some green backs thrown her way!


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