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Birthday's are a really special event for every family to celebrate! Let's be honest at the end of the day it is all about the cake!!! Where would a birthday be without that perfect slice of birthday cake!? Fortunately, you have an ally in your baking corner with Apple Blossom Cupcakes! Their fondant work for cakes and cupcakes is an out of this world experience!  Fondant is a pain to make(I have attempted this arduous task before). In my eyes, some things are just worth the extra dough! Cupcake toppers are one of them. Apple Blossom Cupcakes really elevated my cupcakes and saved me tons of work! Vanessa Mamary is the owner of this confectionist wonder and she has fondant decorations to bring those birthday creations to life!!!
There are many confectionist wannabes present on Etsy, but clearly Apple Blossom Cupcakes is heads above the rest! Vanessa really loves her job and it comes out as clear as a September day in her fondant!! The cupcake toppers are thin and full of intricate detail. The airplane cupcake toppers really looked like they were about to take flight! The fondant colors are bright and on top of that were truly delicious! Look at them....simply beautiful!:~)

            Happy Birthday to my sweet little man who turned 3 years old today, mommy loves you!

Now my little confectionist hounds are you ready for a sweet-toothed giveaway?;~)

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Halloween is a go big or go home holiday! Nobody wants to have a mediocre costume. You need something over the top that screams "look at me baby"! I am also here to say you can do that without the sultry nurse's outfit;-) It all starts with a bang out costume accessory! I happen to make a mean pair of Devil's horns(pictured above) and I am going to share with you how to get'er done.

Materials Needed:
Glitter{a big container with at least 3 different glitter colors}
Paint{small Americana bottle}
Sealant liquid *dries clear IMPT*{in paint aisle at craft store}
Air clay by Crayola in white{One package makes one pair of horns}
Head band*try to get one that will blend with your hair color*
Small paint brush
Sand paper

Step One:
Cut the air clay in half and shape each piece into a Devil's horn. You will notice small cracks as you are doing this. Little ones are no big deal, because they will get covered up later with paint and glitter. Once the Devil's horns are made let them dry for 24 to 48 hours flipping them every 6 to 12 hours. If you do not flip them one side will be flat! Also, press the bottom of the horns gently against the head band to allow conforming to occur. During the drying period if you notice some cracks start to open take your clear liquid sealant and brush over the cracks.

Step Two:
Once the horns dry it is time to seal! Seal the horns with your clear sealant(note it will apply opaque, but dry clear). Seal one side at a time and allow drying in between.

Step Three:
Choose the color paint you wish your horns to be. Do not fuss over the color too much, because your horns will be encrusted in glitter. I chose pink, because my sister-in-law has been wanting a pair for at least two years now:~) Paint your horns one side at a time and allow drying in between. It may take 3 or 4 coats, but the most important part is no white is showing.

Step Four:
Finally, it is glitter time! Your glitter should not be flat. Give your glitter dimension by mixing together 3 or 4 types of glitter. I put 3 types of pink glitter, plus gold, plus black. Oh, my sealant was glittery as well;-) ****DO NO GLITTER THE BOTTOM OF YOUR HORNS*** If you glitter the bottom of your horns they will be hard to glue to your head band. The glitter process is more like an encrusting. You dip your brush in sealant and then dip your brush in your glitter mixture to encrust your horns. You do this over and over again until you can no longer see paint underneath.

Step Five:
After your glitter has dried you may put a final coating of sealant over your horns. Let dry. Then glue the horns to your head band. Try scraping the bottom of the horns with a little sandpaper before gluing for best adhesion.  I my hot glue gun, but I am sure a multitude of glues would work. The moral of the story: Do not be afraid to glue. The more the better. For best results let the horns cure for a day or two!

If you do not want to go through the trouble of making your own horns you are in luck;-) I sell them through my Etsy shop Interpretive Yarn! Just convo me and let me know what color you would like!

Happy Halloween my little devilish friends!

1.) Grow your own Lavender: This spring do yourself a favor and buy a lavender shrub. Obviously, make sure it will grow in your area first;-) Lavender is very hardy and even if you are a terrible gardener you will find this shrub growing wildly once established! Tip: Plant the lavender on a mound of dirt. Fill the bottom of your hole with a mixture of rocks and sand. Lavender needs good drainage and if you have provided that it will live through almost anything once established(even your toddlers who are running Tonka trucks through them). The lavender in your garden can be used in floral arrangements, dried out as gifts, or even used in your culinary adventures!!

2.) Lavender in Floral Arrangements: Just yesterday I was trying to stretch my floral budget and bought a dozen roses for $12.00. You could very easily plop them in a vase and say wah-lah all done, but what if this is for a wedding or large party? My son's birthday is this weekend and I wanted fresh flowers on all the tables, but I am not spending $100+ at the florist for my 3 year old. This is what I did: I cut a sprig of lavender (6) for each vase, I put 2 roses in each of my 6 vases, and my neighbors lovely pine tree was spilling over my property line so I snipped six branches of pine tree too! Six floral arrangements for $12.00 now that is what I call trailer park savings;-)

3.) Rowdy Children: Lavender has that lovely sedative effect that you should use for your crazy kiddos. *Disclaimer* Essential oils can be dangerous when used improperly. You should never apply undiluted essential oils on anyone's skin. That being said, if your children seem especially restless at bedtime put one or two drops of lavender essential oil in their bath water. I will also put a drop of lavender on their pillow from time to time to help induce sleep(that goes for me too).

4.) Lavender Skincare: Lavender not only calms the mind, but it also calms the skin. Julie from The Bumble Bee Studio is a lavender skincare master! This week she sent me a Lavender Bee Balm for lips, hands, and body. I say forget the hands and body...I have been rubbing it on my lips constantly! It has an amazing chocolatey scent with a relaxing undertone of lavender. Go buy some and thank me later;-)

*Flashback*Last month I had a giveaway with The Bumble's amazing Goatmilk and Lavender Facial Polish Cleanser. I love mixing the facial polish with honey for extra moisturizing effects! *Fast-forward* The Bumble Bee Studio and I are teaming up once more for yet another giveaway(hold on to your shorts it is next month compadres).

                        Glow in the Dark minature Ghost by Glo on Etsy!!!

My family and I live in Northern Va an area known as the "heart of the confederacy". Many battles took place very close to our home. I actually think one of Robert E. Lee's meeting spots is a few blocks away. There is no lack of "history" in the town which we live. Last year our family purchased a very old house 180+ years old. The house as described by long standing neighbors had some "history".

Our neighbor directly adjacent to us told of the biker gang era in our home. The front door was actually kicked in due to a drug raid at some time or another. Evidently, a daycare was also run out of our home at some point too. I believe that is why the front door got kicked in. The daycare was their cover and they were smuggling drugs out of the house. The last family that lived in our home seemed like a typical family, but I did find a prescription while cleaning for an anti-anxiety medication. I am sure the history does not end there.

I always heard noises from day one. A creak here and a groan there, but hey you would groan too if you were 180+ years old! Last night I heard a voice for the very first time a woman's voice. The first thing I heard was actually what sounded like rain and I woke up listening outside. It stopped and then I heard an echoing female's voice, "What are you doing here" ? I heard what I thought was a different voice in the background and it seemed they were having a conversation, but I could not make out what was said. *sigh*

My son's room seems to have the most "activity". My son has been sleeping fitfully the past two nights and it feels unusually cold going into his room. The hair stands up on the back of my neck when I go to check on him in the middle of the night. 2 am is about the time any noise starts. I guess you figured by this point I believe in ghosts. I do. I am not scared to be in my home. It was more fascinating to me than anything. I am a woman of science and like to reason it out. I could have been dreaming, but I really feel like I was stone-cold awake.

I am dying to hear from you all! Any ghost stories please share?
Let me give you some back story. Two days ago I was craving something sweet. I had a box of vanilla pudding, but I wanted to elevate the dish(so to speak). I had a pie crust in the freezer and the figurative light in my head went off. I will make a pudding pie! Great, I also realized I had some heavy cream left over from my squash soup makings...awesome homemade whipped cream!!! Then I pondered, I have vanilla pudding and vanilla whipped cream that is too much vanilla. Another light bulb...I wonder if I could make chocolate whipped cream?

Have you ever had chocolate whipped cream? Well let me just say it turned out so good that I want to use the chocolate whipped cream for my son's birthday cupcakes this weekend. Somehow I think that would be taking it a step too far!:~)

Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream Recipe

1 cup heavy whipping cream
2-3 tbsp ground Ghirardelli chocolate powder (to taste)
2-3 tbsp sugar (to taste)
2-3 tbsp vanilla extract (to taste)

Throw all your ingredients in a large metal bowl. Use a hand mixer and mix it on high! Mix until desired thickness is achieved. Taste and add more ground chocolate powder, sugar, or vanilla if necessary.
Who reading this could use more relaxation and relief from stress? I know I do. I get to yoga as frequently as I can with two small children, but I find myself wanting to do more. My mind started drifting around thinking of alternatives when I recalled my brother's girlfriend recently became officially licensed as an acupuncturist! Eureka! Well enough babbling from me. Let's hear directly from the licensed source. Brit, why should someone consider acupuncture as a form of therapy?
Acupuncture is an ancient healing modality that is beneficial for everyone.  It is a medicine that can treat an individual on the body, mind, and spirit level.  It has become popular in the treatment of migraines, back pain, as well as chronic pain. This healing method is also helpful in treating depression, anxiety, addictions, fertility issues, menstrual issues, digestions, and much more. 

Brit is not only an acupuncturist, she is a patient as well. Brit has a rare immune condition and seeks relief from her symptoms through the power of acupuncture. Brit passionately states, "I have personally been able to see the benefits of this amazing medicine, and its created a passion to pass it on". 

Brit speaks from a place of real empathy, which is a rare and beautiful quality in a healer. If you live in the Baltimore area take the first step in taking care of "you". Contact Brit Serio at Wellness Point Acupuncture, LLC today! The wellness center offers acupuncture, yoga, and massage. Officially opening October 1st, 2012!  

Wellness Point Acupuncture, LLC is located at 2000 Girard Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21211. They are offering a 10% discount to firefighters, police officers, and military members as a small thank you for all they do:~)

Brit Serio, Acupuncturist  

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  No expectations....just candy!:~) Horror movies, the dark, the supernatural, creepy, crawly awesomeness! The time to prepare your Halloween costume needs to start right now. I have re-invented Medusa and her slithering reptile friends! These are yarn wrapped snakes! They look amazing!!!! The snakes are easy to reposition with strong wire lurking inside! They are amazingly comfortable and light to wear. You will need quite a few bobby pins, but once they are in place you are good to go!! My Etsy store is call Interpretive Yarn.

I wanted to take old dried up yarn balls that grandma tinkers with and turn them into Blam-Wham in your face craziness! Medusa is only the beginning. I am working on some Devilish creations right now as you read this very sentence. A goulish giveaway you ask....oh perhaps. Waaaaa ha ha ha ha haaa*in a creepy and dark-toned laugh*

A Goulish giveaway just for you darlings! One winner will receive this large yarn wrapped snake below! Wrap it around your neck, head, or arm to add some pop to your Halloween Costume!

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This year I really enjoyed the arts festival in our area of Historic Leesburg. I bought many pieces and would like to share with you my very favorite artists at the show!!! Enjoy the eye candy:~)
                                               Perfect Harmony by Harry Jarman

Harry Jarman Originals Realist Artist: I met and talked with Harry's wife at the show, whom was as lovely as a sunflower in the afternoon sunlight:-) I purchased the False Alarm print for my son's room, but the piece above you is why I stopped. I would have purchased this original in an instant if I had the money to shell out. His work is remarkable!

Dawn Wain Designer/Artist: Her jewelry stopped me in my tracks! The textures and chunky arrangements of the pieces were stunning to see! I could not capture a photo worthy enough to post by her name so please do yourself a favor a check out her Gallery!

                                           Dan Albright Studio France Gallery

Dan Albright Studio Artist: I could have purchased every piece from this gentleman and his lovely wife Marion! His photographs are gorgeous, but the real seller is his frames. The piece I purchased was made from 1920s reclaimed wood. Oh so rustic and chic. So in love with this piece I am!!
Like Dan Albright Studio on Facebook {Come on show some love...loves}!

Cheryl Parsons Free Gumballs Print
Cheryl Parsons Contemporary Still Life Artist: I am a still life lover! Cheryl has these bold and bright pieces that simply call to you! My favorite was the broken bubble gum machine with bubble gum balls tumbling to the ground....stunning!

                                                Blue Lichen by Bob Paulding

Bob Paulding Photography: I actually know this artist personally! He is family on my husband's side. I will not claim him since he is an Ohio State fan, but he is a damn fine artist! I quite like his abstract photos, but you will have a hard time choosing your favorites!

Ken Sullins Photography: His photos are stunning! He has impressive nature shots, which left me wanting more. My favorite piece was a photo of the woods in which he was lying on the ground while taking the photo. If you are a horse lover he has some breathtaking photos especially for you. Please visit Ken Sullins Gallery for more information on his works!

Photo by Ken Sullins Photography 
*copyrighted all rights reserved*
Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas everyone *bellowing like Jolly Old St. Nick, of course;~) What!?!?!? It is not even Halloween yet? Bah humbug!!! Bring forth a spotlight for I am about to bestow some early Christmas cheer to you all!!!! A Crafter's Dream Christmas Giveaway featuring My Merry Messy Life, Earning-My-Cape, and Tutus & Tea Parties
This is a group giveaway opportunity with a Christmas, crafting, and supporting small business theme! Each blogger is offering her/his own giveaway worth $25 or more. It will run from October 21, 2012 to November 4, 2012 and bloggers, as well as shop owners, are welcome to sign up to join in the celebration. Bloggers who are not crafters and shop owners who are not bloggers can still join the giveaway by pairing up together! If you need help finding a shop or blogger to link up with, we will do our best to help.  


About our theme:
Christmas is just around the corner, and the time to start crafting our gifts for friends and family is now! Some of the blogs in the giveaway group will be giving away some awesome crafting supplies! 

Sometimes we want to give a handmade gift, but just don't have the time or know-how to make them ourselves. This is a great opportunity to support small businesses and shops who offer handmade items! Some of the blogs in our giveaway group will be highlighting such small businesses and offering giveaway items for them, as well. Even if you don't win the giveaway, we hope that you will keep these small businesses in mind when shopping for that perfect gift for your special someone.

Here is how it will work:

  • Each blogger will run their own unique giveaway, worth at least $25 or more, on their own site using Rafflecopter as the entry form. Please set your Rafflecopter to start at 12:01am October 21, 2012 and end at 12:01am November 5, 2012. You have total control over what you would like to give away (as long as it ties in with our Christmas/craft/small business theme) and to whom (country). 
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My creativity spills into most areas of my life to include my cooking style. I should actually call it cooking free-style. I  tend to use the cook book as a tentative guide, but then do whatever the hell I want anyway. This AM I am having a very minor surgery and that is what made me think of soup. There is nothing more comforting then soup when you are under the weather:~)

Garbage Pile Chicken Soup can be made by anyone! Even those of you who burn toast. Here are the main components:

Big pot
Chix carcus
Chix stock

1.)Take all three of these components and put them into the big pot. Bring to a boil and let simmer until the carcus starts to fall apart a bit. *This is important* Save all the juices that the carcus was simmering in, because this is the base for your soup. Take the carcus from the pot and remove all the chix bits off the carcus that you can.

TIP: Boiling softens up all the meat you have trouble getting to after those chix dinners:~) So always freeze those chix carcus's to use later as stock or the base for your soups!

Next, put in whatever ingredients you desire! I used left over spinach, corn, onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, and elbow noodles. Do not forget salt, pepper, and garlic:~) Let this simmer all day and wa-moo you have yourself a garbage pile chix soup. Now for left over chix soup redo...check this out!

2.) I added a dash of heavy cream to my left over chix soup. I also livened it up with extra onion and garlic. I sprinkled alittle cheddar cheese on top for a casserole effect. It turned out wonderful! The great thing about this dish is nothing is wasted. You use the carcus and leftovers! Superb Saving for you my friend:~)
                    Squirrel Print, Little Seed Stealer from Xtraordinary Impressions on Etsy!!!

Why the squirrel you may ask? Well I came up to the office to write my post this AM and the window leading directly to the squirrel filled roof was open! That's right the little buggers had direct access into our house! I suppose my sweet husband was not thinking of that as he left the window open last night:~) Could you imagine what my day would have been like trying to get a squirrel out of my house? Thank goodness I do not have to find out today!! Oh yes, I am a bit off topic now. Back to romantic getaway spots in Southern Vermont!
                                        My little man sitting on the grounds of the Wilburton

1.) Wilburton Inn (Manchester, VT) Their website does not do not give this property the justice it deserves! It sits up on the side of a mountain and the views were breathtaking! My husband and I did not stay here, but other family members were staying here as part of a wedding we were attending. The grounds are large and spread out. They have detached rooms from the main house, which I love. The rooms are spacious and comfortable! If you are an art buff you might find the grounds of the Wilburton very fascinating. Religious sculptures from every culture you could imagine are sprinkled across the property. I cannot speak for the food, because a severe thunderstorm shut down the operation before I could stuff my gullet. I hear the food is good though.

                                       My prosciutto, cheese, tomato, and basil omelet*drool*

2.) Dorsett Inn (Dorsett, VT) Save time. Do not look elsewhere for a place to stay. I did not want to leave this establishment, but not for the reasons you may think! The food. The chef made the best breakfast I have ever had! The ingredients were fresh. Fresh jam, fresh butter, and the Vermontians really care about their coffee...damn good! I had a prosciutto, cheese, tomato, and basil omelet. I will be talking about this omelet for years to come! This is a charming historic house with history far beyond my time to type it. A very quiet and beautiful neighborhood just minutes from bustling Manchester. The reason I may venture to Vermont again may be for the Dorsett Inn!

                           "It's the little things that make you happy" ~ Dana

Trinkets by Dana boasts "little things" of course. Accessories, origami, prints, jewelry, and even random items(like buttons). Dana is the owner of Trinkets by Dana....shocking, eh? Her quote and tagline above makes things crystal clear. Indeed, she is right. I held up the little dangly earrings she sent me and smiled. It really is amazing how something so small can make you feel so happy:~) Sturdy, yet feminine in feel and appearance. The earrings remind me of Spring with flower petal accents embraced in primary pink and green colors. I put them on.
Let me make this clear. I love dangly earrings! Toddlers are still in my daily routine, but I dare wear them anyway. My children amazingly were not interested in pulling on them. They felt like air in my earlobes(they were really light). These are the type of earrings I would wear everyday due to comfort, style, and a splash of color. I will call these my Sunday earrings!

Trinkets by Dana is giving one lucky reader a chance to snag a pair of these lovely floral dandy's. That's right lovelies a giveaway is coming your way!*squeals of delight* While you are in waiting peruse her shop for smiles and trinkets:~) a Rafflecopter giveaway
                          Lye Brooks Falls Trail in Manchester, VT

Southern Vermont is a very seasonal area full of resident transplants that rely heavily on tourism for their hiking and skiing seasons. The map below(curteousy of wikipedia) is a good frame of reference when I start talking about the various Southern Vermont towns that parallel route 11. We started out in Londonderry, drove through the little town of Peru(they really heart their pigs), explored Manchester, and stayed at a charming Inn in Dorset. This excerpt, however, will give you the skinny on some great hiking spots. Let's start our hike shall we?

1.) The highlight of our hiking adventures will be the Brooks Lye Falls Trail in Manchester, VT. It is a moderately challenging trail with a moderate incline. It is rocky with some open areas and drop offs. A breathtakingly beautiful hike 2.3 miles one-way. The end of the trail is the breathtaking waterfall. This was our favorite hike by far! I recommend a walking stick on this hike and even though the forestry says the blazes were sparse the trail is well tredded. 4/4 stars

                                   Little Rock Pond Trail in Mt. Tabor, VT

2.) Little Rock Pond Trail in Mt. Tabor, VT is a smooth hike that you can tailor to your hiking mood that day. It follows a stream to the pond and if you are a water lover like me this trail will really appeal to you! This is a 4-mile round trip hike (a loop trail). Once you get to the pond the trail breaks off into a loop. A.) You can make this trail about as long as you want by picking up the Green Mountain Trail, which is about 4.5 miles back to the trailhead compared to the direct Little Rock Pond Trail loop return of about 2 miles B.) You can take the AT/LT trail, which goes North(naturally) and turn around at any point. 4/4 Stars

Of course, my hiking hottie and me;-)

Dough is a classic toy for all ages. It is amazingly therapeutic for all players involved(especially mom and dad). The perfect toy for the rainy day and moments of toddler-induced boredom. Paula Garcia is the owner of Gifts 2 Go Go and has found a simple way to elevate this "play" dough classic.

Brightly colored all-natural dough sprinkled with minature toy animals! Dough 2 go go is softer than most and thus, very pliable. Personally, I love that the dough is already made and comes with a lid. What parent has attempted to make their own dough at home with minor success? 

Have no fear parental units Gifts 2 Go Go has a do-it-yourself kit option that assures your homemade dough success! It comes with animals, glitter, dough coloring, and the dough mix. The kit comes with everything but the stovetop and extra children. Speaking of children, my boys took this dough for a test drive and gave the minature animals two little thumbs up!
My boys each took a different "play" approach. Edwin my 3 year old was smashing the dough flat and gingerly laying the animals across the top. Luke my 18 month old started tearing pieces of the dough and launching them across the yard. You have to love little boys:~) This is a side note, but completely related. Dough makes a great stocking stuffer gift for the little ones.

Dough is a wonderful indoor activity as the winter winds get stronger*brrrrr*. What are you waiting for? Visit Gifts 2 Go Go and stock up! I know you are all thinking it so I might as well type it. One lucky mama or papa is going to win a brightly-colored dough set of 4 complete with little animals!!!! Good Luck and win some dough(literally):~) a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Green Mountain State has my hubby and I feeling relaxed and refreshed. We hiked, dined(with two hands), and slept alot! It was a fabulous anniversary retreat and barely any cell phone coverage to boot! The wildlife, however, was nonexistent! There are more animals in my own backyard then I saw while trapsing deep into the Vermont woods. I started keeping track of the critters: two white-tailed deer, two frogs, two squirrels, and a garter snake. Oh goodness...I almost forgot there were plenty of spiders, but none nearly as Godzilla-like as in old Virginia!

My blog was slightly barren while I was gone. True that. Whew*let me wipe the sweat from my brow* I was feeling slightly overworked and underpaid:~)

Nature has rejuvenated me! I have multiple giveaways to announce and while I was in southern Vermont I hiked a solid portion of the state(or at least I feel like it)! I will be giving you all golden nuggets of information on the best places to dine, sleep, and hike in southern Vermont. Keep your bloggy senses tuned in right here!!

My husband and I have the quintessential love that poets write about. It is always difficult for me to find the right card and verbally the right words to tell him how I feel. Our 6 year anniversary was yesterday. Can you believe how time takes flight? We have two beautiful boys and it feels like just yesterday that we started our journey together. Every love story has a beginning and I will share some of ours with you.

We met at a bar. Ha, romantic right? Well evidently I was betrothed or set up to be with another guy that night. Who that other guy was I do not even remember. All I remember was him. Clayton walked in and literally with a glow around him. Instant attraction that I thought did not exist. I was immensely intrigued with him, but tried to feign interest (you know hard to get....come on ladies)!

Clayton was not trying to play hard to get. The most amusing thing about this story is Clayton had my phone number in 5 minutes flat. I have never seen someone so downright brusque with their courting techniques! It was totally hot.....I will not upset anyone's stomach this AM:~) Clayton literally shoved a chair between me and a nursing buddy of mine. He then stuck out his hand and said, "Hi I am Clayton". I was flabbergasted in a really amazing way!

We went on two consecutive dates that coming weekend. The National Aquarium in Baltimore and then Six Flags theme park. Those dates pretty much sealed the deal for me. Conversation was always easy and deep. I felt like we had  known each other forever. We both perceive our "meeting" differently. I subscribe to "things happen for a reason".  Clayton calls it "pure luck". Whatever the case may be I am so happy fate, luck, or both was shining on us that day!

Happy Anniversary Clayton! I love you more with each passing year. You are my heart, soul, my best friend.

Eternal Love,


"Look where a 2nd-hand 20 yr old Bernina sewing machine got me?"~ Jennifer Michael 
                                                                                                                  Owner of Crafty Stitches

Crafty Stitches boasts organizational accessories for "HER". The travel jewelry roll is the creative spark that got it all started. The key jewelry roll features are beauty,  functionality, and space-saving bravado! Are you getting married and struggling over the perfect gifts for your adoring bridesmaids? Struggle no more, because the jewelry roll makes the perfect bridesmaid gift! Best of all they will not break your piggy bank....hooray!

Crafty Stitches mission is to create a sewing movement one stitch at a time. Sprinkling the love for sewing through their products, tutorials, and sew parties.

You are all cordially invited to celebrate the launching of! If you live locally in the Northern VA/DC Area you should come join the crafty celebration! Mark those iphones. Speaking of iphones, there is a super secret giveaway happening at the Crafty Stitches Launch Party!!! Shhhhh...just between you and me though;-) Here are the not so secretive party deets:

      Saturday, September 8, 2012
      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
      Malaysian Embassy Annex
      1501 18th Street, NW
      Washington DC 20036

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