A place to stay {Southern Vermont}

                    Squirrel Print, Little Seed Stealer from Xtraordinary Impressions on Etsy!!!

Why the squirrel you may ask? Well I came up to the office to write my post this AM and the window leading directly to the squirrel filled roof was open! That's right the little buggers had direct access into our house! I suppose my sweet husband was not thinking of that as he left the window open last night:~) Could you imagine what my day would have been like trying to get a squirrel out of my house? Thank goodness I do not have to find out today!! Oh yes, I am a bit off topic now. Back to romantic getaway spots in Southern Vermont!
                                        My little man sitting on the grounds of the Wilburton

1.) Wilburton Inn (Manchester, VT) Their website does not do not give this property the justice it deserves! It sits up on the side of a mountain and the views were breathtaking! My husband and I did not stay here, but other family members were staying here as part of a wedding we were attending. The grounds are large and spread out. They have detached rooms from the main house, which I love. The rooms are spacious and comfortable! If you are an art buff you might find the grounds of the Wilburton very fascinating. Religious sculptures from every culture you could imagine are sprinkled across the property. I cannot speak for the food, because a severe thunderstorm shut down the operation before I could stuff my gullet. I hear the food is good though.

                                       My prosciutto, cheese, tomato, and basil omelet*drool*

2.) Dorsett Inn (Dorsett, VT) Save time. Do not look elsewhere for a place to stay. I did not want to leave this establishment, but not for the reasons you may think! The food. The chef made the best breakfast I have ever had! The ingredients were fresh. Fresh jam, fresh butter, and the Vermontians really care about their coffee...damn good! I had a prosciutto, cheese, tomato, and basil omelet. I will be talking about this omelet for years to come! This is a charming historic house with history far beyond my time to type it. A very quiet and beautiful neighborhood just minutes from bustling Manchester. The reason I may venture to Vermont again may be for the Dorsett Inn!


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