Dough 2 Go Go {Play Review & Giveaway}

Dough is a classic toy for all ages. It is amazingly therapeutic for all players involved(especially mom and dad). The perfect toy for the rainy day and moments of toddler-induced boredom. Paula Garcia is the owner of Gifts 2 Go Go and has found a simple way to elevate this "play" dough classic.

Brightly colored all-natural dough sprinkled with minature toy animals! Dough 2 go go is softer than most and thus, very pliable. Personally, I love that the dough is already made and comes with a lid. What parent has attempted to make their own dough at home with minor success? 

Have no fear parental units Gifts 2 Go Go has a do-it-yourself kit option that assures your homemade dough success! It comes with animals, glitter, dough coloring, and the dough mix. The kit comes with everything but the stovetop and extra children. Speaking of children, my boys took this dough for a test drive and gave the minature animals two little thumbs up!
My boys each took a different "play" approach. Edwin my 3 year old was smashing the dough flat and gingerly laying the animals across the top. Luke my 18 month old started tearing pieces of the dough and launching them across the yard. You have to love little boys:~) This is a side note, but completely related. Dough makes a great stocking stuffer gift for the little ones.

Dough is a wonderful indoor activity as the winter winds get stronger*brrrrr*. What are you waiting for? Visit Gifts 2 Go Go and stock up! I know you are all thinking it so I might as well type it. One lucky mama or papa is going to win a brightly-colored dough set of 4 complete with little animals!!!! Good Luck and win some dough(literally):~) a Rafflecopter giveaway


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