Garbage Pile Chicken Soup {Recipe kinda}

My creativity spills into most areas of my life to include my cooking style. I should actually call it cooking free-style. I  tend to use the cook book as a tentative guide, but then do whatever the hell I want anyway. This AM I am having a very minor surgery and that is what made me think of soup. There is nothing more comforting then soup when you are under the weather:~)

Garbage Pile Chicken Soup can be made by anyone! Even those of you who burn toast. Here are the main components:

Big pot
Chix carcus
Chix stock

1.)Take all three of these components and put them into the big pot. Bring to a boil and let simmer until the carcus starts to fall apart a bit. *This is important* Save all the juices that the carcus was simmering in, because this is the base for your soup. Take the carcus from the pot and remove all the chix bits off the carcus that you can.

TIP: Boiling softens up all the meat you have trouble getting to after those chix dinners:~) So always freeze those chix carcus's to use later as stock or the base for your soups!

Next, put in whatever ingredients you desire! I used left over spinach, corn, onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, and elbow noodles. Do not forget salt, pepper, and garlic:~) Let this simmer all day and wa-moo you have yourself a garbage pile chix soup. Now for left over chix soup redo...check this out!

2.) I added a dash of heavy cream to my left over chix soup. I also livened it up with extra onion and garlic. I sprinkled alittle cheddar cheese on top for a casserole effect. It turned out wonderful! The great thing about this dish is nothing is wasted. You use the carcus and leftovers! Superb Saving for you my friend:~)


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