Glittery Devil's Horns {Tutorial}

Halloween is a go big or go home holiday! Nobody wants to have a mediocre costume. You need something over the top that screams "look at me baby"! I am also here to say you can do that without the sultry nurse's outfit;-) It all starts with a bang out costume accessory! I happen to make a mean pair of Devil's horns(pictured above) and I am going to share with you how to get'er done.

Materials Needed:
Glitter{a big container with at least 3 different glitter colors}
Paint{small Americana bottle}
Sealant liquid *dries clear IMPT*{in paint aisle at craft store}
Air clay by Crayola in white{One package makes one pair of horns}
Head band*try to get one that will blend with your hair color*
Small paint brush
Sand paper

Step One:
Cut the air clay in half and shape each piece into a Devil's horn. You will notice small cracks as you are doing this. Little ones are no big deal, because they will get covered up later with paint and glitter. Once the Devil's horns are made let them dry for 24 to 48 hours flipping them every 6 to 12 hours. If you do not flip them one side will be flat! Also, press the bottom of the horns gently against the head band to allow conforming to occur. During the drying period if you notice some cracks start to open take your clear liquid sealant and brush over the cracks.

Step Two:
Once the horns dry it is time to seal! Seal the horns with your clear sealant(note it will apply opaque, but dry clear). Seal one side at a time and allow drying in between.

Step Three:
Choose the color paint you wish your horns to be. Do not fuss over the color too much, because your horns will be encrusted in glitter. I chose pink, because my sister-in-law has been wanting a pair for at least two years now:~) Paint your horns one side at a time and allow drying in between. It may take 3 or 4 coats, but the most important part is no white is showing.

Step Four:
Finally, it is glitter time! Your glitter should not be flat. Give your glitter dimension by mixing together 3 or 4 types of glitter. I put 3 types of pink glitter, plus gold, plus black. Oh, my sealant was glittery as well;-) ****DO NO GLITTER THE BOTTOM OF YOUR HORNS*** If you glitter the bottom of your horns they will be hard to glue to your head band. The glitter process is more like an encrusting. You dip your brush in sealant and then dip your brush in your glitter mixture to encrust your horns. You do this over and over again until you can no longer see paint underneath.

Step Five:
After your glitter has dried you may put a final coating of sealant over your horns. Let dry. Then glue the horns to your head band. Try scraping the bottom of the horns with a little sandpaper before gluing for best adhesion.  I my hot glue gun, but I am sure a multitude of glues would work. The moral of the story: Do not be afraid to glue. The more the better. For best results let the horns cure for a day or two!

If you do not want to go through the trouble of making your own horns you are in luck;-) I sell them through my Etsy shop Interpretive Yarn! Just convo me and let me know what color you would like!

Happy Halloween my little devilish friends!


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