I'm Backkkkk! {from Vermont}

The Green Mountain State has my hubby and I feeling relaxed and refreshed. We hiked, dined(with two hands), and slept alot! It was a fabulous anniversary retreat and barely any cell phone coverage to boot! The wildlife, however, was nonexistent! There are more animals in my own backyard then I saw while trapsing deep into the Vermont woods. I started keeping track of the critters: two white-tailed deer, two frogs, two squirrels, and a garter snake. Oh goodness...I almost forgot there were plenty of spiders, but none nearly as Godzilla-like as in old Virginia!

My blog was slightly barren while I was gone. True that. Whew*let me wipe the sweat from my brow* I was feeling slightly overworked and underpaid:~)

Nature has rejuvenated me! I have multiple giveaways to announce and while I was in southern Vermont I hiked a solid portion of the state(or at least I feel like it)! I will be giving you all golden nuggets of information on the best places to dine, sleep, and hike in southern Vermont. Keep your bloggy senses tuned in right here!!


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