Lavender Love {How to use Lavender in your home}

1.) Grow your own Lavender: This spring do yourself a favor and buy a lavender shrub. Obviously, make sure it will grow in your area first;-) Lavender is very hardy and even if you are a terrible gardener you will find this shrub growing wildly once established! Tip: Plant the lavender on a mound of dirt. Fill the bottom of your hole with a mixture of rocks and sand. Lavender needs good drainage and if you have provided that it will live through almost anything once established(even your toddlers who are running Tonka trucks through them). The lavender in your garden can be used in floral arrangements, dried out as gifts, or even used in your culinary adventures!!

2.) Lavender in Floral Arrangements: Just yesterday I was trying to stretch my floral budget and bought a dozen roses for $12.00. You could very easily plop them in a vase and say wah-lah all done, but what if this is for a wedding or large party? My son's birthday is this weekend and I wanted fresh flowers on all the tables, but I am not spending $100+ at the florist for my 3 year old. This is what I did: I cut a sprig of lavender (6) for each vase, I put 2 roses in each of my 6 vases, and my neighbors lovely pine tree was spilling over my property line so I snipped six branches of pine tree too! Six floral arrangements for $12.00 now that is what I call trailer park savings;-)

3.) Rowdy Children: Lavender has that lovely sedative effect that you should use for your crazy kiddos. *Disclaimer* Essential oils can be dangerous when used improperly. You should never apply undiluted essential oils on anyone's skin. That being said, if your children seem especially restless at bedtime put one or two drops of lavender essential oil in their bath water. I will also put a drop of lavender on their pillow from time to time to help induce sleep(that goes for me too).

4.) Lavender Skincare: Lavender not only calms the mind, but it also calms the skin. Julie from The Bumble Bee Studio is a lavender skincare master! This week she sent me a Lavender Bee Balm for lips, hands, and body. I say forget the hands and body...I have been rubbing it on my lips constantly! It has an amazing chocolatey scent with a relaxing undertone of lavender. Go buy some and thank me later;-)

*Flashback*Last month I had a giveaway with The Bumble's amazing Goatmilk and Lavender Facial Polish Cleanser. I love mixing the facial polish with honey for extra moisturizing effects! *Fast-forward* The Bumble Bee Studio and I are teaming up once more for yet another giveaway(hold on to your shorts it is next month compadres).


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