Leesburg Arts Festival 2012 {Stand Outs}

This year I really enjoyed the arts festival in our area of Historic Leesburg. I bought many pieces and would like to share with you my very favorite artists at the show!!! Enjoy the eye candy:~)
                                               Perfect Harmony by Harry Jarman

Harry Jarman Originals Realist Artist: I met and talked with Harry's wife at the show, whom was as lovely as a sunflower in the afternoon sunlight:-) I purchased the False Alarm print for my son's room, but the piece above you is why I stopped. I would have purchased this original in an instant if I had the money to shell out. His work is remarkable!

Dawn Wain Designer/Artist: Her jewelry stopped me in my tracks! The textures and chunky arrangements of the pieces were stunning to see! I could not capture a photo worthy enough to post by her name so please do yourself a favor a check out her Gallery!

                                           Dan Albright Studio France Gallery

Dan Albright Studio Artist: I could have purchased every piece from this gentleman and his lovely wife Marion! His photographs are gorgeous, but the real seller is his frames. The piece I purchased was made from 1920s reclaimed wood. Oh so rustic and chic. So in love with this piece I am!!
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Cheryl Parsons Free Gumballs Print
Cheryl Parsons Contemporary Still Life Artist: I am a still life lover! Cheryl has these bold and bright pieces that simply call to you! My favorite was the broken bubble gum machine with bubble gum balls tumbling to the ground....stunning!

                                                Blue Lichen by Bob Paulding

Bob Paulding Photography: I actually know this artist personally! He is family on my husband's side. I will not claim him since he is an Ohio State fan, but he is a damn fine artist! I quite like his abstract photos, but you will have a hard time choosing your favorites!

Ken Sullins Photography: His photos are stunning! He has impressive nature shots, which left me wanting more. My favorite piece was a photo of the woods in which he was lying on the ground while taking the photo. If you are a horse lover he has some breathtaking photos especially for you. Please visit Ken Sullins Gallery for more information on his works!

Photo by Ken Sullins Photography 
*copyrighted all rights reserved*


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