Love. {Happy Anniversary Clayton}

My husband and I have the quintessential love that poets write about. It is always difficult for me to find the right card and verbally the right words to tell him how I feel. Our 6 year anniversary was yesterday. Can you believe how time takes flight? We have two beautiful boys and it feels like just yesterday that we started our journey together. Every love story has a beginning and I will share some of ours with you.

We met at a bar. Ha, romantic right? Well evidently I was betrothed or set up to be with another guy that night. Who that other guy was I do not even remember. All I remember was him. Clayton walked in and literally with a glow around him. Instant attraction that I thought did not exist. I was immensely intrigued with him, but tried to feign interest (you know hard to get....come on ladies)!

Clayton was not trying to play hard to get. The most amusing thing about this story is Clayton had my phone number in 5 minutes flat. I have never seen someone so downright brusque with their courting techniques! It was totally hot.....I will not upset anyone's stomach this AM:~) Clayton literally shoved a chair between me and a nursing buddy of mine. He then stuck out his hand and said, "Hi I am Clayton". I was flabbergasted in a really amazing way!

We went on two consecutive dates that coming weekend. The National Aquarium in Baltimore and then Six Flags theme park. Those dates pretty much sealed the deal for me. Conversation was always easy and deep. I felt like we had  known each other forever. We both perceive our "meeting" differently. I subscribe to "things happen for a reason".  Clayton calls it "pure luck". Whatever the case may be I am so happy fate, luck, or both was shining on us that day!

Happy Anniversary Clayton! I love you more with each passing year. You are my heart, soul, my best friend.

Eternal Love,



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