Medusa's Snakes {Halloween Wow Giveaway}

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  No expectations....just candy!:~) Horror movies, the dark, the supernatural, creepy, crawly awesomeness! The time to prepare your Halloween costume needs to start right now. I have re-invented Medusa and her slithering reptile friends! These are yarn wrapped snakes! They look amazing!!!! The snakes are easy to reposition with strong wire lurking inside! They are amazingly comfortable and light to wear. You will need quite a few bobby pins, but once they are in place you are good to go!! My Etsy store is call Interpretive Yarn.

I wanted to take old dried up yarn balls that grandma tinkers with and turn them into Blam-Wham in your face craziness! Medusa is only the beginning. I am working on some Devilish creations right now as you read this very sentence. A goulish giveaway you ask....oh perhaps. Waaaaa ha ha ha ha haaa*in a creepy and dark-toned laugh*

A Goulish giveaway just for you darlings! One winner will receive this large yarn wrapped snake below! Wrap it around your neck, head, or arm to add some pop to your Halloween Costume!

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